Ellen DeGeneres is transphobic according to people who’ve met her


The LGBT icon has come under a lot of fire for treating a trans woman differently on her set, now others are coming out about their experience.

Ellen DeGeneres is now considered one of 2020’s biggest villains after a series of controversies surrounding her show and personal life. And now, the trans activist community are hot on her trail.

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Until recently Ellen DeGeneres has been propped up as an icon and role model for the LGBT community, but now the community, and cause, she once championed has turned on her.

The 62-year-old comedienne and television talk show host is now suspected of being a transphobe by some of her old fans.

Concerned fans raised their brows when popular beauty vlogger Nikkie “NikkieTutorials” de Jager exposed Ellen DeGeneres for treating her with coldness and disdain. Another source source said she “got transphobic vibes” from Ellen while on set.

Trans vlogger NikkieTutorials and Ellen is transphobic

The Ellen Show: Trans beauty vlogger Nikkie (NikkieTutorials) de Jager says Ellen is mean, cold and distant.

“She [Nikkie] wasn’t even’t allowed to use the backstage bathroom because it was apparently ‘reserved for the Jonas Brothers’. She had to use the audience bathroom,” a concerned friend of Nikkie’s told Sausage Roll.

NikkieTutorials was shunned, friend says.

This news got some questioning whether Ellen DeGeneres just did not want a transgender woman in her private bathroom. It is alleged that there are numerous bathrooms at the studio: one for guests, one for Ellen, one for staff, and then one for guests.

“Why wasn’t Nikkie allowed to use the staff bathroom? It really makes you wonder.”

NikkieTutorials comments on Ellen encouraged others trans people who claim to have met her speak out as well.

“I met Ellen and spoke to her, she never looked me in the eye. She seemed to be fine with others around me, just not me. It was humiliating and dehumanising, and it broke my heart. I’ve always loved Ellen. Sad to say that I got transphobic vibes from one of my idols.”

An anonymous employee of The Ellen Show jumped to Ellen’s defence insisting that she’s not transphobic.

“Ellen is the furthest thing from transphobic, she’s one of the most compassionate and understanding human beings I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with,” the employee said.

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres is transphobic and mean according to people who say they’ve met her.

“People have to understand that she’s human too. She literally has to smile for a living, no matter what she’s feeling on the inside. It’s exhausting for her. People should cut her some slack.”

“And as for her being transphobic… give me a break! Ellen lived through homophobia, she knows what it’s about. We have trans people working with us who can tell you that she isn’t. It just some trans folk are quite sensitive and insecure, and if they don’t get some kind of grand welcoming ceremony they think it’s because they are trans.”

The staffer admitted that they weren’t thrilled when they learned that Ellen DeGeneres would be using a non-union company to film from home.

“We’re not thrilled about it, and a lot of us are very divided on the issue, but I do understand that not everything is up to Ellen; ultimately our producers call the shots. The show has taken a big hit in revenue loss as well due to, you know, ‘current world circumstances’, so I can understand them going for a cheaper company to save a bit of money.”

Do you guys think Ellen DeGeneres is transphobic? Let us know in the comments below.

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