Warner Bros insults domestic abuse survivor Johnny Depp in Animaniacs


The call for a Warner Bros boycott is getting louder now that they’ve decided to make fun of Johnny Depp as a domestic abuse survivor in the Animaniacs reboot.

Johnny Depp recently lost his defamation case against The Sun for calling him a “wife beater” and the fallout has been devastating to his career. Now Warner Bros are rubbing it in his face in the new Animaniacs, and it has everything do with their connection to Rupert Murdoch.

NEWS: Johnny Depp might star in Tim Burton’s Addams Family reboot.

Animaniacs was once praised for its edgy content. The producers were unwilling to “bend the knee”, so to speak, to outrage culture. The show also catered for a mature audience with the occasional adult joke that would completely fly over children’s heads.

When Warner Bros first announced that the new Animaniacs series would be returning to HULU fans were ecstatic. But the show isn’t what it used to be, it’s filled with garbage takes and it is now very politically correct.

The first sign that the show was going down the toilet was that they changed the opening theme lyrics to be “gender balanced, pronoun neutral, and ethnically diverse.” Yep, the new Animaniacs wants to offend people… just not the people who don’t want to be offended.

Warner Brothers completely backlisted Depp.

Another such instance is how the Animaniacs took on Johnny Depp. The actor recently got sacked from Fantastic Beasts 3 and he won’t be returning to play Gellert Grindelwald.

Warner Bros recently issued a statement about their beliefs on domestic abuse and claimed to take it very seriously. They allegedly sided with Amber Heard and decided to axe Depp from all future Warner Bros production — blacklisted the actor — after he lost his libel case against The Sun.

Johnny Depp FIRED from Fantastic Beasts and all WB movies

However, Depp’s attorney provided plethora of evidence proving Johnny Depp’s innocence: this included audio and video footage of Amber Heard verbally and physically attacking her ex-husband.

During one altercation Amber Heard maimed Depp when she through a vodka bottle at him which broke and shattered all over his hand, severing his finger.

Judge Andrew Nicol ruled in favour of The Sun in spite of the evidence citing that the suit had been more damaging to Heard’s reputation than Depp’s.

The Sun libel trial was over before it started.

As it turns out Nicol’s son works for talkRADIO, a fraudulent political radio show owned by Rupert Murdoch; the owner of The Sun.

Additionally, the author of the “wife beater” article that Johnny Depp sued The Sun for was a work colleague of Judge Andrew Nicol’s son.

Further investigation revealed that Judge Nicol and his entire family are deeply entangled with Rupert Murdoch and his billion dollar media empire.

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After we at POPTOPIC exposed the corruption and nepotism which resulted in Depp’s unjust ruling, word started spreading that there may, in fact, be a retrial in the works.

Warner Bros does not care about domestic abuse at all. If that were the case, then they would not continue to hire Amber Heard. Unlike Johnny Depp, Amber Heard had audio/video evidence against her being emotionally and physically abusive towards her ex-partner.

According to a source close to Heard, she also has a nasty drinking problem and tends to get violent and vulgar after consuming too much red wine.

Murdoch family has stake in Warner Bros and Animaniacs.

Despite the evidence Warner Bros decided to completely cut ties with Johnny Depp, they even insulted him in a recent episode of Animaniacs, but why?

It’s not because of domestic abuse but rather the close relationship Warner Bros share with Rupert Murdoch’s media empire News Corp.

Flow Chart

Deadline published report last year detailing a new deal that was struck between Warner Bros and Rupert Murdoch’s daughter.

Warner Bros Pictures signed a pact with UK studio Locksmith Animation after the latter’s deal with 20th Century Fox due to the Disney takeover.

Toby Emmerich, Chairman, Warner Bros. Pictures Group, and Courtenay Valenti, President Production and Development, Warner Bros. Pictures, announced the deal with Sarah Smith and Julie Lockhart, Co-CEOs of Locksmith.

Locksmith was founded in 2014 by award winning writer Sarah Smith, producer Julie Lockhart, with Elisabeth Murdoch; Rupert’s second daughter.

Locksmith studios with Elisabeth Murdoch

The new pact with Warner Bros pact with the Murdoch owned studio will cover the development and production of a slate of animated family features and shows like Animiniacs.

Locksmith will collaborate closely with Allison Abbate, Executive Vice President, Warner Animation Group, on the slate.

“In recent years, animation has become a tremendously important part of our slate, and this deal with Locksmith dovetails perfectly with our forward-going plans,” said Emmerich and Valenti.  “We love Sarah and Julie’s sensibilities and work, and look forward to working with them to create titles that will enchant today’s audiences and become classics for future generations of animation lovers.”

Depp is the real victim.

Ultimately Johnny Depp did not get blacklisted from Warner Bros by beating a “wife beater” or a domestic abuser. Anyone who has been following the trial closely knows that Depp is the real victim. Depp is getting attacked by the Warner Bros because he went after The Sun; a company owned the billionaire media mogul, Rupert Murdoch.

You can help other domestic violence survivors by donating to a charity like Friends With Dignity.

Friends with Dignity is a volunteer based not-for-profit registered charity that provides practical programs to assist survivors of domestic violence in collaboration with refuge and crisis centres.

If you’re not Australian you can look up what your local charity for survivors of domestic violence and donate to them… but no matter where you live, you can always sign the petition to boycott Warner Bros for harbouring a real domestic abuser like Amber Heard by signing this petition.

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