Liverpool FC is Australia’s favourite EPL team


There are three things that Australians love unconditionally: beer, sausage rolls, and Liverpool FC. What makes Liverpool the most celebrated club in Australia?

Liverpool FC is Australia’s favourite EPL team! No international club has a presence like Liverpool FC in Australia. You might get the odd United or Chelsea fan but the overwhelming majority of soccer fans are LFC supporters.

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Soccer wasn’t exactly the most popular sport in Australia, or at least when the national league is considered. NRL, AFL and even cricket trumped the A-League viewership, but that’s slowly been changing over the years. While NRL and AFL attendance is dwindling, A-League game attendance is on the rise. An average A League match pulls in about 42, 000 thousand people on while an NRL match lags behind with a low 21, 000 on average.

However, when it comes to big games like the State of Origin (go the maroons!) attendance is much better, or at least for the final game. The first two games pulled in about 50,000 people and the final 82,000. Now that’s a massive improvement but, still, when compared to the Liverpool FC international friendly game here in Australia, it’s not as impressive.

LFC Liverpool

In 2013 Liverpool FC travelled to Australia to play in front of 95,000 fans at the Melbourne Cricket ground. This game alone smashed all attendance records for the State of Origin — it even smashed Justin Bieber’s 2017 Australian Tour which had an attendance of 70,000.

The 2013 friendly against Melbourne Victory experienced one of the most amazing “You Will Never Walk Alone” performances to ever be caught on camera. It was so loud that the stadium microphones even clipped. Video below.

(LFC) Liverpool FC is Australia’s favourite EPL team.

There’s no doubt that Liverpool FC is one of the most loved EPL sports teams in Australia. I am guaranteed an “awesome shirt” comment or at least a thumbs up from several people every day I go out wearing a Liverpool FC kit. More so, if say, I was to wear a shirt of my favourite artist. But why is it?

Is it the club’s incredible history? Is it, as many state, because Liverpool is a champion team as apposed to team of champions? Or is it something else entirely?

If you’re an Australian Liverpool fan let us know in the comments below why you support them.

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