Twitter actively silencing Alita fans, shadowbans #AlitaArmy


The future of Alita: Battle Angel is looking dire as Twitter removes trending hashtag and shadow bans (shadowbans) official account from their platform.

Imagine being compared to some of the worst human beings on Earth just because you like a movie. Alita fans all around the globe are being declared Nazis for showing their love for Alita: Battle Angel and as a consequence the hashtag and official fan account are being suppressed by Twitter.

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The word ‘Nazi’ gets thrown around like there is no tomorrow. Especially if you even so much as disagree or question a certain political ideology. It no longer matters who you are are what you really believe, if you do not confirm to a specific groupthink by their standards you are a Nazi by default.

A lot of people get called Nazis for the dumbest reasons and usually you can just ignore the unfounded claims. But now that label is taken seriously no matter how ludicrous it is. An American Jewish conservative was called a Nazi by people who disagreed with him, now he has mobs of masked angry people stalking him around the USA trying to silence him. Even a manga fan group has been labelled Nazis by a random high-strung freelance author; this guy wrote an article about how Alita fans are Nazis and should be punched and now the group is shadow banned (shadowbanned) from Twitter.

Alita fans smeared by outrage media

Today you are no longer innocent until proven guilty. If you so much as have an allegation against you, no matter how absurd, it is your obligation to prove your innocence. And even if you completely debunk the outrageous allegations against you, it doesn’t matter, the evidence to prove your innocence is completely ignored. This is what happened to the #AlitaArmy.

The #AlitaArmy is just like any other fan society; it’s a group of diverse human beings that share a common interest and unite to show support for the creators… just like the #ARMY, the BTS fan group, and #BroArmy, PewDiePie fan group. However, the Alita fan group is probably the least political group on the list, but to the outrage blogger, Adam White, it didn’t matter.

#AlitaArmy: Tweet shows Alita shadowbanned

Adam White wrote an entire article that was published on The Independent calling every single Alita fan ‘alt-right’. That’s a creative way of calling someone a Nazi. But why did he call them Nazis? Just because they loved the film adaptation of the 30 year old manga.

Confirmed Alita shadowbanned – Twitter shadowbans Alita

One fan in particular, who is a person of colour, got called out in the article. He even responded to the article by writing an open letter and proving how the author of The Independent article lied about him and the rest of the fan group. Instead of addressing his mistake and giving an apology, or even making a retraction, the author has completely ignored them.

Alita’s future in doubt after smear

The consequence of the smear piece led to the suppression of the #AlitaArmy hashtag and the shadow banning (shadowbanning) of the group’s official account from Twitter. But that’s not the worst part. The Disney company and James Cameron have distanced themselves from the project and now the future of the franchise is in murky waters.

Despite massive cheers for a sequel from fans all around the world James Cameron has remained quiet. There’s a petition online that has over 120,000 signatures but it has been wrongfully dismissed by members of the mainstream media as ‘Nazi propaganda’ by ‘Russian bots’. How stupid is that?

Alita fans are NOT Nazis

The Nazi tag was used because the certain members of the mainstream media believed the group was in some weird way associated with American right-wing political groups. But the truth is the #AlitaArmy consists a diverse group of people all around the world who don’t even care about politics, let alone American politics.

Their only crime is having an opinion about a movie, that’s it. It’s like calling BTS fans fascists because they like BTS, it is insane.

Remove AlitaArmy’s shadowban Twitter

Twitter aren’t necessarily directly involved in the shadow banning (shadowbanning). The shadow ban (shadowban) may very well be the result of troll or bot accounts that mass reported the account which could have triggered the ban. Whatever the case, the censorship and suppression of the hashtag and Twitter account is unfounded.

Outraged! Twitter shadowbans Alita? Yes. Alita is shadowbanned!

All the Twitter account does is share Alita: Battle Angel news and retweets other fans comments. They even pay Twitter money to promote their Tweets in hope to create more Alita fans. It has never violated any of the sites terms and conditions. It has never shared, or discussed, anything political. It is just a fan account. The banning is unfounded and completely unwarranted.

I have faith that Twitter will fix this right up. I don’t think there is Twitter employee who is out for blood, or at least I hope not. But it is evident that the group did nothing wrong and does not deserve to be shadow banned (shadowbanned).

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