People not impressed with Rodriguez’s new film, want Alita sequel instead


Hypnotic, Robert Rodriguez’s upcoming action thriller does not have fans thrilled. Many claim that Alita: Battle Angel was his best work and want a sequel.

Ben Affleck is set to star as a detective who becomes entangled in a mystery involving his missing daughter and a secret government program, while investigating a string of impossible high-end heists in Rodriguez’s new film. But fans aren’t sold on the plot and would prefer to see an Alita sequel from the director.

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The plot of Hypnotic seems like a bit of a terrible cliche to a lot of people. “Without reading more – he’s the burglar, hypnotised to burgle, investigating his burglarising hypnotic self,” one user wrote on the popular link sharing site, Reddit.

While some kept their fingers crossed for Robert Rodriguez’s return to form, others claimed that Alita: Battle Angel was his best film so far.

“Alita was the best he’s been in a long time … the action was pretty great in Alita too.”

Although there’s high demand for a sequel a lot of people seem doubtful there will ever be one.

Why do fans love Alita: Battle Angel? | Sausage Roll
#AlitaArmy gather over 120,000 signatures for petition

“It’s tough, Alita didn’t do well so it seems natural he’d shy away from wanting to follow a similar path for a movie again….but I actually think it’s his bets movie. I want to see that more from Rodriguez. It’s such a step up for him in my eyes, but unfortunately the movie bombed and became somewhat of a joke. It’s good though, watch Alita!”

On the contrary, Alita: Battle Angel did not bomb. It is the most successful and praised manga film adaptation and held it’s own against many blockbuster films. It doubled it’s budget of USD$2 million and even smashed Terminator: Dark Fate at the box office.

Actual footage of #AlitaArmy vs haters.

The problem was that Alita love came a little late because the advertising campaign was lacklustre. The film was competing with another big Disney superhero film, Captain Marvel and they, instead, decided to focus their advertising budget the Marvel film to avoid a conflict of interest. But the word of mouth spread and Alita: Battle Angel topped the charts in home media sales.

There is a huge community of diverse fans who adore Alita and are aching for a sequel, they are known as the #AlitaArmy. There’s currently a petition for a sequel and it is getting thousands of signatures a day. The Alita petition has already hit 120,000 signatures.

Are you an Alita fan? Join the #AlitaArmy and feel free to show some love for the film by demanding a sequel in our comment section. Who knows, maybe James Cameron is reading this article?

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