Amber Heard booed as she arrives for 15th day of Depp trial [VIDEO]


The loud boos of Johnny Depp bots are heard when the 30-year-old Aquaman actress arrives for court on day 15 of the trial.

The Sun, The Times, Amber Heard and her attorneys are baffled how Johnny Depp could have so much support during his trial. They allege that 2/3rds of his supporters are bots. Today those bots showed up to her trial and booed her.

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Johnny Depp’s attorney, Adam Waldman, leaked an email sent from the British tabloid The Times that revealed that they were working on a hit piece targeting Johnny Depp’s fan base by calling them “Russian bots.” Today, these bots showed up at the Depp vs. The Sun trial and made themselves heard.

The email sent by The Times alleges that Johnny Depp and his attorney Adam Wadlman may have paid Russian specialists to program bots that would specifically target and defame Amber Heard.

Video of Amber Heard being booed at Johnny Depp trial originally appeared on the UnBoxPHD YouTube channel.

The email state that Heard’s attorney asked “experts” to investigate whether Amber Heard “had been a victim of targeted harassment and smear campaign, and if Depp and [his] associates are responsible.”

The hashtag #JohnnyDeppBots trended on Twitter when Johnny Depp fans responded to the “outrageous notion” put forth by Heard’s attorney and The Times.

“I am not a Bot! I am a survivor [domestic abuse] and I support Johnny Depp. Lets keep shouting the support for Johnny Depp,” Martika shared on Twitter.

Not only did the disgruntled supporters speak up on social media, today they showed up to the trial where Amber Heard is defending the British tabloid The Sun in a defamation lawsuit and booed her as she got out off the vehicle and approached the court house.

The trial is moving into its fourth week but a ruling is expected very soon.

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