Aussie Twitch streamer spent 3 months on her Mercy cosplay and it rocks


Lunariza is an Australian cosplayer and Twitch streamer from NSW who spent 3 months working on her Battle Medic Mercy cosplay. Well worth it!

The 23-year-old Twitch affiliate from Woolongong, New South Wales, spends most of her spare time streaming and cosplaying, that’s when she’s not studying at university.

Did you know?

Last year Lunariza got inspired to make a Battle Medic Mercy outfit for cosplay and the entire process took her 3 whole months.

She posted live updates in her stories documenting the entire process.

It started with the basics like getting the props and the wig.

Mercy prop gun

Aussie Twitch streamer: Lunariza Mercy cosplay

Then it it was time to craft the outfit and this is where Lunarzia demonstrated her impeccable tailoring skills.

Battle Medic Mercy costume

Battle Medic Mercy Overwatch cosplay (credit Lunariz.a)

It didn’t end there. She made the wings and healing wand from scratch too!

The final result is near perfection, definitely one of the best Mercy cosplays we’ve seen.

Lunariz.a cosplay
Aussie Twitch Mercy cosplay (credit Lunariz.a)

Aussie Twitch streamer completes Mercy Overwatch cosplay (credit Lunariz.a)

Lunariza actually looks a lot like Mercy, she has similar facial features. This clearly was the perfect cosplay choice for her.

You can catch Lunariza live on Twitch at 6PM AEST on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Additionally you can follow her socials by heading to her Linktree page.

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