Furry couple Vex and Jax murder a man & skin dog for ‘pelt’ to make fursuit


The furry community is in uproar after a well known couple were arrested for murder and allegedly skinned their pet dog for a pelt to make their fursuit.

The Los Vegas Metro police told KLAS-8 (8 News Now) that a tip led to the arrest of a couple that committed murder at a house in the northeast part of the valley. Police were tipped off about a body by a friend of the female suspect, now identified as 27-year-old Tonya Dillard.

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Dillard, known as Vex to the furry community, and her boyfriend, identified as 24-year-old Jacob Berkovitz, or his “‘fursona’ Jax, were arrested for murder after they lured the victim in using a social dating app. Police say the couple planned to rob and kill the person who matched with them.

However, sources close to the murderous furry couple allege that Dillard sent photos of the body and bragged to her friend about how ‘fun’ it was to kill him.

Furry couple Tonya (Vex) and Jacob (Jax) murder a man & skin dog for 'pelt' to make fursuit.

Furry couple Tonya (Vex) and Jacob (Jax) murder a man & skin dog for ‘pelt’ to make fursuit.

The source alleges that Dillard, who identified as a male, “was like a brother to me,” Dillard’s friend claimed. “Vincent had confessed to me and even shown me photos of his victim,” he continued. Vincent was her “male name”.

The source alleges he is highly offended by the article who refers to the murderous, animal skinning, female as a she. “Despite what the problematic article states, their pronouns were he/him.”

Furry couple skin dog to make fursuit.

During a conversation that took place on Discord, the source alleges that Tonya Dillard (Vex/Vincent) had been hanging out with the body in the victim’s house for about 10 hours before she called and he expressed that she planned on, and I quote, “putting the body in the refrigerator and steal the victim’s car.” She explained that the “opportunity was handed to her on a silver platter,” and that she is now, “officially a psychopath.”

The source, who adamantly refuses to describe her by her biological gender, and insists on respecting the murderer’s pronouns, said, “he said he wasn’t concerned about police. He wasn’t concerned about anything. His voice was like ice. He was happy that he did it.”

Couple skinned dog to make fursuit

Not only did the furry couple murder a man in cold blood, but they also skinned their pet dog and planned to use his fur to make a fursuit.

“He told me this was his first and last and that in prison, he feels that he can hold up his own. He didn’t care when he skinned his dog. He was mostly upset that he lost it’s pelt.”

DMS: Vex and Jax, furry couple murder man and skin dog for fursuit.

“He told me not to tell anybody except for if I saw him on the news then to tell everybody but. That’s not something I can hold. I have to tell the police. And at that point, that’s not even snitching. He killed somebody and he enjoyed it.”

Another source who claims to be close to the couple, yet has not been verified, alleges that the couple often adopted animals from rescue centres, skinned them, and used their fur in the suits they sold online.

SHOCKING VIDEO: Furry couple Vex and Jax arrested, leaks allege they also skinned their dog to make fursuit!

Official police reports corroborate the source’s story stating that a female, who identifies as a male and also prefers to go by the he/his pronouns, walked into the the police department and gave them up.

According to 8 News Now, the woman walked into Spring Valley Area Command and said a friend told her that her and her boyfriend killed a man the night before. She told police that Dillard and Berkovitz planned to hide the body in California. The suspect also sent a picture of the body to the woman who gave police the tip.

The investigation ended in Dillard (Vex) and Berkovitz (Jax) being arrested for murder with a deadly weapon, conspiracy to commit murder, robbery with a deadly weapon, and conspiracy to commit robbery.

The Clark County Coroner’s Office will release the victim’s identity, as well as the cause of death.

Update: The fursuit shown in the featured image was not made by Tonya and Jacob. The suit was purchased from them and they were not involved with the couple’s criminal activities.

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