“Won’t stop until he’s dead,” James Charles plot against Shane exposed


Shocking email alleges that James Charles and his fans (“sisters”) plotted to ruin Shane Dawson’s life and career in private chat.

Shane Dawson’s career as an entertainer is seemingly over after YouTube demonetise all of his channels, and shops pull his merchandise of their shelves. According to an insider, this was James Charles plan all along.

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Shane Dawson is under fire! A series of old videos have resurfaced that show a darker and more twisted side to the 31-year-old YouTuber. However, any old fan of Shane’s is well aware of his over-the-top and, at times, disturbing sense of humour. But watching his content through a modern lens does, indeed, make Dawson look problematic.

However, someone claiming to be within the inner circle of James Charles’ fan group known as the “sisters” says the leaks are a part of a smear campaign organised by James Charles and some of his biggest fans.

“They are going too far. When I heard they are going to make fake Twitter accounts and put out false paedophile allegations against Shane I yeeted the hell out off there,” the source wrote.

James Charles exposes Shane Dawson

RUMOUR: James Charles and his “sisters” behind Shane Dawson smear campaign.

“James absolutely hates Shane Dawson. He would always make jokes about ruining his life to his closest sisters [fans] in his private chat server,” the source explained before insinuating that James Charles was attempting to rally his fans.

“A lot of us would spend our nights trying to dig up dirt and find receipts to expose him, and since many of us used to be fans of Shane we knew where to look. Some of us even had old clips of him from talking to his fans on Tinychat.”

Tinychat is a video chat that was very popular back around the mid noughties but has since been mostly replaced by Discord and Skype.

“At first we just wanted to find something to drag Dawson over but then when some of the sisters noticed that it was doing more damage than they ever imagined, it got worse.”

Shane teases strange two part video

Shane Dawson called racist paedophile by James Charles’ “sisters”.

The email claims that James Charles’ fans sent many emails to Dawson’s sponsors as well as YouTube and any stores that stocked his merchandise demanding that they stop supporting him. It seemed to have worked. Shane Dawson lost his livelihood when YouTube demonetised all of his channels.

“It wasn’t enough. ‘Don’t stop until he’s in jail or kills himself,’ they said. They got a disgusting video and got it trending on Twitter with people believing it was footage of Dawson. They spread rumours about him splitting up with Ryland [his fiancee]. They even spread rumours about him being investigated by the FBI,” the source said, asserting that the rumours were completely false.

“Now they want to create fake Twitter accounts and accuse him of doing bad things to kids, and I’m not down with that at all.”

“I know Shane has done and said some nasty things, but he doesn’t deserve to have his entire life ruined over these things. I feel incredibly guilty and I hope he recovers from this,” the email concluded.

Please keep in mind that we have not confirmed the source and could not verify their connetion to James Charles or his fan group the “sisters”.

A few, heavily censored, screenshots of private messages were sent to us yet they did not prove anything. So, it is very important that you take this story with a grain of salt and treat it as rumour for the time being.

Do you believe the anonymous source or do you think this is an upset Shane Dawson fan trying to do some damage control? Let us know in the comments below.

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