This Black Widow cosplay is a must see, it’s amazingly hilarious


There isn’t much too Black Widow’s outfit so she isn’t really a fan-favourite when it comes to cosplay. But if you have a good sense of humour and fudge load of creativity, like this lady, you could get away with it.

Simon aka Seesquee, a small time YouTuber and big time geek, loves to frequent comic book and games conventions with his wife Alana. Their love for all-things-geeky can be seen in the glorious efforts they put into their cosplay for these events. Unfortunately, Alana had a bit of an accident and was wheelchair bound… but that didn’t stop them from pulling off one of the greatest cosplay ideas I’ve ever seen.

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“My wife broke her ankle before our local comic con so now she is Oracle.” Simon posted a picture of his wife as Barbara Gordon at Hal-Con on the popular link sharing website, Reddit.

Arkham City: Oracle cosplay at Comic Con

Oracle cosplay from Arkham game series.

Barbara Gordon is a part of the Batman Arkhamverse (popular Batman game series made by Rocksteady Games). She was the daughter of GCPD Commissioner, James Gordon. Barbara was forbidden by her overprotective father from joining the GCPD. Instead, she took on the identity of Batgirl and was a crime-fighting partner of Batman’s for years. But that all ended when The Joker shot her through the spine. Paralysed from the waist down and confined to a wheelchair, Barbara adopted the new identity of Oracle, and aided the Dark Knight with her computer expertise, and provided Batman with a constant stream of information in the field to aid in his battle against crime. Following her marriage to Tim Drake, she was known as Barbara Gordon-Drake.

Her efforts were met with praise. “F*cking rock star,” wrote one user. Another applauded the couples commitment to the cause, “that’s commitment to a costume. It’s a fun way to make the best of it. Hope you both enjoyed the con.” Simon responded, “we did! Day three is tomorrow and she’s going to be ‘not dead yet’ Black Widow.” And, boy, did they deliver!

Broken legged Black Widow cosplay

The best Black Widow cosplay ever? Taken at comic con

On the third day of Hal-Con — Atlantic Canada’s largest multi-genre fandom, comic book and gaming con — they returned with brand spanking new cosplay costumes, and to be honest, his wife’s Black Widow cosplay is the best we’ve ever seen.

This cosplay might actually not stray too far from cannon. According to sources close to Disney, Black Widow is still alive. The wonderful crew over at We Got This Covered got their hands on a set picture of the upcoming Black Widow origins movie where Scarlett Johansson is sporting the exact same hairstyle and outfit she did in Endgame, lending heavy credibility to the theory that she survived the jump!

Although Alana’s injury required surgery (she now has steel plates in her ankles) she is expected to make full recovery in time for Christmas and can help her husband, Simon, put up the Christmas decorations.

Check out Simon’s YouTube channel Seesquee Talks where he has interesting debates with his inner self and also give these wonderful creative geeks some much deserved love on their Instagram profiles here (Simon) and here (Alana).

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