Snow White Disneyland ride cancelled for ‘true love’s kiss’ scene


Revamped Snow White ride at Disneyland is upsetting a few individuals for “perpetuating r*pe culture” for true love’s kiss scene because the princess never consented.

Disneyland has officially re-opened after lockdown and although many fans are thrilled some are shocked and offended because of the revamped Snow White ride features a ‘true love’s kiss’ scene which they believe to be problematic because she can’t consent.

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The Disneyland theme park in Anaheim, California reopened on Friday to huge celebrations and emotional fans after being shut down for more than a year due to lockdown. Disney used the down time to revamp some of their classic rides and some people aren’t happy about that.

A revamped and improved version of Disneyland’s popular Snow White ride is outraging a certain type of people for containing the famous ‘true love’s kiss’ scene from the animated classic. Critics claim that this scene “purpurates r*pe couture” because it shows a “cis white male prince take advantage of a sleeping girl who could not consent.”

The ride previously focused on the story’s villain Maleficent and was called “Snow White’s Scary Journey” but Disney decided to updated with a much more positive story of love with brand new animatronics and new scenes, and one of these scenes is the classic ‘true love’s kiss’ scene from the original movie.

SFGate authors, Katie Dowd and Julie Tremaine, were among the first to voice their concerns for the revamped Snow White ride, writing “A kiss he gives to her without her consent, while she’s asleep, which cannot possibly be true love if only one person knows it’s happening,” in her article titled ‘Disneyland’s new Snow White ride adds magic, but also a new problem’.

They continued: “Haven’t we already agreed that consent in early Disney movies is a major issue? That teaching kids that kissing, when it hasn’t been established if both parties are willing to engage, is not OK?”

“It’s hard to understand why the Disneyland of 2021 would choose to add a scene with such old fashioned ideas of what a man is allowed to do to a woman, especially given the company’s current emphasis on removing problematic scenes from rides like Jungle Cruise and Splash Mountain,” the critics added

Revamped Snow White ride True Love's Kiss scene

Ms Dowd and Tremaine go on to call that the entire scene should be deleted from Disney’s canon of classic animated movies, stating, “Why not re-imagine an ending in keeping with the spirit of the movie and Snow White’s place in the Disney canon, but that avoids this problem?”

However, not everybody agreed with Katie Dowd’s and Julie Tremaine’s hot take on the freshly revamped Snow White ride, giving their own humorous takes,

“Prince charming saved her life. I’m pretty sure Snow White would have consented if she what her options were. What an absolute garbage take,” one user commented.

Another added: “She didn’t file r*pe charges, I guess she consented.”

American conservatives have been slammed for responded to the op-ed piece and calling out the ridiculous criticism of the classic ‘true love’s kiss scene’ after the SFGATE piece was featured on Fox News.

Disneyland Snow White

Far left CNN contributor and MediaMatters author, Matthew Gertz, fired back at Fox News, saying, “What are they getting mad about today? Here’s a ‘straight news’ segment about the purported cancelation of Snow White at Disneyland that is built around a single op-ed that criticized the ride.”

Authors mixed up Sleeping Beauty and Snow White.

A lot of people seem to take issue with the glaring errors in the SFGATE review. The authors claim that Prince Charming was taking advantage of a sleeping woman which is not the case at all. They seem to have mixed up Sleeping Beauty and Snow White.

As one of Gertz followers pointed out, “This whole kerfuffle is, of course, ridiculous. But also I think the original OP-Ed was a bit off the mark. In Snow White, the prince doesn’t kiss her to wake her from enchanted sleep. He grief-kisses what he thinks is her corpse, breaking an enchantment he didn’t know about.”

Disney are yet to respond to the SFGATE opinion piece but most likely want because the authors didn’t do their due diligence by researching the canon of the classic children’s tale that they so harshly criticised.

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