Billie Eilish racist? Singer slammed for mocking Asians


19-year-old liberal singer and activist Billie Eilish under fire after old TikTok videos of her doing ‘racist’ Asian accents and using slurs surface.

Old TikTok videos of Billie Eilish mocking Asian accents and using racist slurs as caused controversy among the singer’s fans as they demand that the 19-year-old pop superstar makes a public apology for her actions.

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Fans allege that an old offensive TikTok video of Billie Eilish has resurfaced in which the 19-year-old singer appears to mock several ethnic accents and saying “chink” which is considered a hateful and racist slur for the Asian community. TikTok user @lcxvy posted the controversial clip on the TikTok earlier this week, and it had garnered over 1 million views as of Friday evening.

Several clips were shared under the hashtagg #billieeilishcancelled showing the multiple Grammy winning artist to say being racist and offensive against Chinese people.

Another clip reveals Billie’s older brother Finneas allegedly calling her out for talking in a “blaccent” which is teenage slang for a black accent.


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The offensive TikTok compilation video ends with the Los Angeles born singer seemingly speaking in a strange accent that some people believe is mocking the Asian community. However, a lot of the short clips used seem to be missing a lot of context. It is very hard to tell whether Billie Eilish is being deliberately offensive in snips of 2 second clips.

Billie Eilish platinum blond

Some fans claim that Eilish’s strange behaviour is because of her mental health issues and neurological disorders. The “Bad Guy” singer suffers from a condition known asTourette syndrome, a disorder that causes the sufferer to exhibit involuntary tics. In 2018, Billie Eilish disclosed to the press that she had the condition, although emphasising that her tics were physical and not verbal, Billboard reported at the time.

The TikTok video has close to 200,000 likes and has got the #BillieEilishIsOverParty trending on Twitter. Eilish’s public relations team has not addressed the video yet.

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