Cancer survivor tricked into deleting all her Twitch followers after bot-attack


17-year-old streamer and cancer survivor was distraught after a troll follow botted her Twitch and tricked her into deleting all followers.

Young girls who stream on Twitch are finding themselves as victims of a targeted harassment campaign that ultimately destroys their channels. A group of trolls appear to be targeting small and growing female streamers in this devastating attack; their latest victim a 17-year-old cancer survivor.


Although 500 hundred followers may not appear to be a large number, every major streamer will acknowledge that the first 1000 followers were the most difficult to obtain. It can take a person up to a year to develop a community of so many followers if they do it honestly and genuinely. Trolls on the internet are well aware of this, and they are actively pursuing small but popular female streamers.

Cancer survivor harassed and trolled.

Morgggz, an up-and-coming Twitch streamer was a victim of one of these attacks. Her account went from 500 followers to 0 in just minutes after a troll follow botted her and threatened to report her.

Morgggz, 17-year-old Call of Duty Twitch streamer and cancer survivor from the Midwest.
Morgggz, 17-year-old Call of Duty Twitch streamer and cancer survivor from the Midwest known as the one-handed egirl.

Morgggz, a 17-year-old Twitch streamer from the Midwest of the United States, has built up a large following on the platform. She is a cancer and stroke survivor who, despite the fact that she has a physical impairment, enjoys playing extremely competitive first-person shooter games on her PlayStation. Given the fact that she has battled with serious illness in the past and plays with a physical disability, Morgggz’ gameplay is intense and she is constantly full of enthusiasm, which is why she is so beloved by her fans.

Due to her physical impairment, she now proudly refers to herself as Twitch’s one-handed egirl. Morgggz suffered a stroke as a side effect of her cancer treatment, which resulted in contracture in her right hand, limiting her finger movement.

Contracture is another term for excessive muscular, joint, or connective tissue rigidity. It is a more sophisticated kind of spasticity. Numerous stroke patients experience significant stiffness in their affected hand, which can result in a clenched fist.

Using third-party websites, these misogynist trolls purchase thousands of bot accounts with the intent of following a channel of small female Twitch streamers. They then threaten them with a ban from Twitch if then do not erase the follows, and they play a trick on them by providing them with instructions on how to delete each and every one of their followers.

Stream gets follow botted.
One-handed egirl gets follow botted.

All of Morgggz’s followers were immediately removed after they were provided incorrect information on how to eliminate the bot follows. A year after losing all those followers she had gathered, she returned to her stream, clearly shaken.

What you should do if you get botted?

Despite what people say, you should not never delete bot accounts that follow you. You won’t be banned. Trolls often use bot-networks to target and harass other streamers.

If you find yourself as a victim of one of these attacks it is simply best to acknowledge it, address it on your stream, and report it to Twitch.

Twitch actively deleted thousand of bot accounts each day. They have an algorithm that detects fake accounts. The follower inflation will slowly fix itself in the end without causing any damage to your account.

Morgggz currently has 39 followers after being tricked into deleting all 500. Sadly, this means that the other 450 people will not get notifications when she goes live, not even the 38 people who are currently subscribed to her channel. If you’re interested in supporting Morgggz, please consider checking out her livestreams and dropping her a follow.

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