Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox are getting married – “we’re engaged!”


Megan Fox shows stunning ring after she reveals that her and Machine Gun Kelly are engaged and are getting married and celebrate by drinking blood?

What a strange headline… but it’s true. Megan Fox an American Rapper Machine Gun Kelly have tied the knot; today they announced their engagement plans and say they are getting married — oh, and they drink each others blood in a gross weird celebration. But still, when’s the Fox-Kelly wedding?

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They say opposites attract. Well, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly, one of our favourite crazy couples, recently got engaged and their relationship after only two years is already bloody strange.

Was it a marriage proposal or a Tim Burton short film that we were watching? The video Megan Fox released on Instagram to announce her engagement to Machine Gun Kelly featured two adorable tea light candles, chirping birds, and Machine Gun Kelly dressed in Tim Burton-esque garb proposing to Megan Fox. Perhaps Burton will cast Johnny Depp as the best man!

Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) gets down on bended knee to propose to Megan Fox.
They’re engaged: Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) gets down on bended knee to propose to Megan Fox and they drink blood?

“In July of 2020 we sat under this banyan tree,” Fox captioned the wedding proposal video, adding:

“We asked for magic. We were oblivious to the pain we would face together in such a short, frenetic period of time.
Unaware of the work and sacrifices the relationship would require from us but intoxicated off of the love. And the karma.

“Somehow a year and a half later, having walked through hell together, and having laughed more than I ever imagined possible, he asked me to marry him.

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“And just as in every lifetime before this one, and as in every lifetime that will follow it, I said yes […] and then we drank each other’s blood.”

You didn’t misread that, Megan Fox just admitted to drinking Machine Gun Kelly’s [MGK] blood as some kind ceremonial celebration. Kind of gross and weird, but each to their own I guess.

Megan Fox has been enjoying a new romance with musician/actor Machine Gun Kelly since her divorce from her long-term spouse, Brian Austin Green, in 2013. Following their meeting on the set of the upcoming indie film Midnight In The Switchgrass, the couple began dating in 2020.

She and her ex-husband Brian Austin Green are the parents of three sons: Noah, seven, Bodhi, six, and Journey, three. Megan and Brian are still on good terms, despite their divorce, and this is for the benefit of their children.

Real life succubus!

Machine Gun Kelly, or simply MGK, posted a video showing the stunning — and most likely super expensive — diamond engagement ring he used to propose to Megan on his Instagram account, and it looks like a perfect for the blood sucking queen.

Megan Fox doesn't just drink blood in the movies, she's a real life succubus!
Megan Fox doesn’t just drink blood in the movies, she’s a real life succubus and drinks Machine Gun Kelly!

We all know that Megan Kelly played a blood sucking succubus on the big screen [Karyn Kusama’s Jennifer’s Body], but we had absolutely no idea — none — that she is one in actual real life!

In Jenifer’s Body, Megan Fox played Jennifer, a woman who is possessed by Satan and becomes a succubus after being sacrificed to him. When Jennifer’s best friend Anita finds out, she must intervene to prevent her from attacking Chip, her lover.

MGK collaborated with renowned jeweller Stephen Webster to create Fox’s diamond wedding ring. It’s symbolic — he chose a two-stone set that incorporates Fox’s birthstone, an emerald, and his own birthstone, a diamond. They are connected by double twisting bands “that draw together as two sides of the same soul to form the enigmatic heart that is our love,” he continued.

Megan Fox's diamond engagement ring is stunning.
Megan Fox’ shows the stunning diamond engagement ring that Machine Gun Kelly used.

Webster told Vogue that he was struck by Baker’s romanticism. “He wanted something that was completely original and meaningful to both Megan and himself. He fed me lots of material in an almost lyrical form. I used this to create the two rings which become one. I used magnets embedded in the gold to attract the two rings together when worn as one. Possibly the most romantic story I have had to work with,” the renowned jeweller revealed.

When is the wedding date?

So the big question on everyone’s mind is, now that Hollywood starlet and American bad boy rapper have official tied the not, when will Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly get married — when is the wedding date?!

No formal date has been scheduled for the wedding of Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly, as far as we know. However, I think it would be quite great if they could get Tim Burton to officiate it.

As soon as we learn the official date for Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s million-dollar wedding, we’ll be sure to inform our readers of the news. Oh, if you’ve got video of Megan Fox or Machine Gun Kelly drinking blood, send it to us.

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