Rebel Wilson boycotted from Hollywood after slamming Sydney lockdowns


Australian comedian/actress, Rebel Wilson, is being blacklisted by her liberal Hollywood friends for criticising constant lockdowns by the Sydney Government in Australia.

Rebel Wilson is finding out who her true friends are after many of her Hollywood buddies turn their back on her for slamming the Sydney government for using lockdowns “as a strategy” to combat the Chinese virus.

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Liberal left-wing Americans, including Hollywood celebrities, want to cancel Rebel Wilson after the 41-year-old actress publicly slammed the Sydney government decision to lockdown again, saying “you can’t keep locking down as a strategy”.

The Aussie Pitch Perfect and Fat Pizza actress, who now mostly resides in the Hollywood hills yet owns several properties in Sydney, took to Instagram to share her thoughts on the Sydney’s strict and most recent two-week lockdown.

“Sydney WTF!!!” Rebel Wilson wrote in one Instagram story post with an accompanying photo of a empty supermarket shelves she claimed her mother had taken at a Sydney Woolworths.

Rebel Wilson weight loss bikini beach
Image credit: Rebel Wilson Instagram.

“You can’t keep locking down as a strategy,” Wilson added in a following post to her Instagram story.

Her criticism of the Sydney government has resulted in extreme reactions from social media users and Hollywood elites alike.

Although most celebrities are praised for talking about liberal social issues, Wilson is being harassed for holding an opinion that is not shared with far-left American liberals, one user sarcastically communing, “I’d say an epidemiologist would disagree with her. But an actress is clearly an authority on such things,” one quipped.

The hate has bled through to Twitter and many are leaving nasty comments on her old tweets. The comments range from body shaming to hurtful comments and death threats and every single on of them from former left-wing fans.

A source close to to Wilson told us that the actress has received hundreds of comments from her former Hollywood colleagues all urging her to retract her comment and make an apology and, apparently, her career hangs on the line.

“Wilson has received loads of messages from her celebrity pals and they’re not happy. One message said that ‘she’ll no have many prospects’ if she doesn’t retract her comments and make an apology while the topic is hot,” the source told POPTOPIC.

Whether she lives up to first name and rebels against the Hollywood elite or caves in, apologises, to save her career remains to mean seen. However, we expect the latter.

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