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POPTOPIC is a high traffic news site. Our news articles have been cited by other reputable websites such as Dexerto, The Daily Wire, IB Times, The Post Millennial, Washington Examiner, and Eurogamer. Even high-profile YouTuber’s such as PewDiePie, John Scarce, Keemstar and many others have referenced our articles. Now we need your help.


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Like many of you, we have also fallen on some pretty hard times. POPTOPIC is the primary source of income for at least two of our writers and our income has taken a pretty severe hit as of late due to COVID and, well, censorship.

We’re balanced but we’re a little bit conservative.

Since we, POPTOPIC are based out of Brisbane, Australia, the majority of our writers and contributors lean slightly conservative. By no means are we, what many consider, far-right. As a matter of fact, conservative Australians have more in common with moderate centrist Americans.

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Regardless, this has never been an issue until recently. Opinions that were once considered mainstream are now far-right. We’ve noticed a push back from some communities and our website has been labelled problematic. Even our writers have received death threats after some of their articles were deemed ‘transphobic’ by a group of activists.

We support your freedom. Help support ours.

We are not transphobic, racist, sexist, or fascist. POPTOPIC is run by two girls: Erina Rose and Dianne Anders. We’re just your average dorks who love videogames, movies, and memes. We strongly support your right to be who you are and identify as you will, so we hope you support our right to freedom of speech. One of our contributing authors is a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ group.

We do understand that not everybody will agree with our opinions and that’s fine, but we believe that anybody should be able to express themselves without being threatened. And we want to continue doing this.

We’re not owned or funded by big corporations or governments.

We do not take money from big tech companies, game publishers, or even our own government. We are funded 100% by our readers and wouldn’t be able to speak our minds if we weren’t.

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