Nissan USA disable comments on Brie Larson commercial after it bombs


The All-New Nissan Sentra commercial starring superhero feminist Brie Larson is on track to becoming the most disliked YouTube video on the platform. Nissan respond by disabling the comments.

The commercial for Nissan’s new car was supposed to send a powerful message on International Women’s Day. “Don’t compromise,” Brie Larson tells a woman who feels oppressed by her male boss as he tells of, “we are going to promote you just yet.”

“You went Gillette, never go full Gillette,” the liked comment reads on top of the behind the scenes video of the new Nissan Sentra commercial.

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Nissan USA quickly disabled the comments to the poorly received commercial as it was quickly climbing the ranks of most disliked YouTube video. In a matter of a few days it has earned 8,000 disliked and a measly 500 likes.

“It’s about sisterhood, pumping each other up, and allowing ourselves to have the opportunity to believe in ourselves,” Brie Larson revealed in the behind-the-scenes video which is a whole 2 minutes longer than the commercial itself.

The message, at a glace, doesn’t seem as divisive as most people are letting it up to be. But, then she starts talking about how she felt bothered by being interviewed by a male for her first job.

“There was a guy sitting on the other side of the table and it affected me in a bad way,” she expressed to her interview.

Brie Larson, The Marvels (trailer)
Nissan USA disable comments on Brie Larson commercial after it bombs

“We both work in a heavily male dominated industry does it feel good that you’re finally turning it on its head?” The interviewer asks.

Fortunately the comments are still enabled on the behing-the-scenes video and people are calling the video out as the ‘divisive feminist propaganda, they allege it to be.

“Feminism: Demanding rights that women already have from men who won’t fight back,” Knowbody commented on YouTube.

“Apparently acting is a ‘male dominated industry’ according to Brie Larson,” wrote Spiffy Gonzales.

People are comparing the Nissan USA to Gillette who had a similar moment last year. Gillette stocks plummeted by USD$8b after they released a commercial about ‘toxic masculinity’ that pretty much criticised it target demographic.

What are your thoughts on the All-New Nissan Sentra 2020 commercial starring Brie Larson? Let us know in the comments below.

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