Facebook delete all posts ever made by Australian news pages


Facebook doubled down on their Australian news ban and have now delete every single post every made by an Australian news page.

Australian news sites will discover that every single post that they’ve ever made has been deleted by Facebook. Not just links to news articles, everything.

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Looks like Facebook are getting ready to completely ban all Australian news pages from Facebook. Initially, the news ban just meant that people could not share links to Australian news articles on public walls, pages and groups but they’ve made it a lot stricter now.

At first we could still share our articles with our followers on our Facebook page or in a private group. Sadly now we cannot even share our content with our own Facebook followers. And it gets worse.

Facebook have deleted every single post ever made by an Australian news page even if they don’t link to an article. Thousands of Australian news pages now show now results when visited.

9news banned
Facebook have deleted every single post ever made by Australian news pages.

Additionally, Australian Facebook pages cannot even comment or send updates to their followers via messages. They’ve been completely blocked leading many people to believe that Facebook are preparing to outright delete these pages.

It is looking like Facebook and Australia will not work together in the future. The social media network may even be completely banned in Australia after the new law is passed.

Facebook deleting Australian news posts
All of our posts have been deleted from Facebook. We cannot post comments or send messages.

The Australian senate is set to back the new watershed law later today which means its outright war between Facebook and Australia.

The government does not have a majority in the Senate, though the country’s opposition Labor party has said it will support the legislation despite loud protests from the tech giants.

This ban is effecting small news presses like Sausage Roll more than it is the larger news organisations. If you want to continue supporting us please consider making a donation and following us on other social networks like MeWe and Twitter.

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