5 Fun Taxi Alternatives On A Hen’s Night


Planning the perfect send-off before the bride-to-be becomes a wife is an honour. However, it can be stressful for many first-time Made of Honours or hen party planners. Some even panic and run, especially when the bride calls with a list of demands. 

But we’ve got you covered. Let’s start by ditching all the clichés. Why not hold a hen party in style? Be creative and add spice. After all, it’s a day/night/weekend for all to remember! First off, get rid of the taxi and travel to designation in style. Here are some alternatives.

Party Bus

For large hens party groups, a party bus is the perfect mode of transport. It has enough space for up to 43 passengers and can accommodate anyone, even your 18-year-old niece or 70-year-old mum-in-law. 

While it’s only a bus, it’s no boring shuttle! It’s equipped with sound systems, party lights, smoke machines, and food and drinks (can be served by your very own topless waiter). Although it’s basically a running bar, you can hop from bar to bar and then return to it to continue the party. It’s the best option for a party like there’s no tomorrow!

Lets take this party on the road. Shot of the inside of an empty party bus at night.
5 Fun Taxi Alternatives On A Hen’s Night

Party buses provide a comfortable and exciting ride for an unforgettable hen’s night. On top of that, it’s a safer option for a girl’s night out. However, booking a party bus in a local area is still recommended for safety purposes. If you’re in the capital, try the best small party bus hire Perth offers. 


The bride-to-be should feel like a celebrity with a limousine! Don’t hesitate with the expense. If everyone is going to put their hand in their pockets, organising a limo ride for the evening can actually be surprisingly cheap. 

Not only the bride but everyone can get fired up with the champagne and music that come with the ride. The vehicle has a generous space for a messy evening ahead. Typically, for small limos, around six to eight people can fit in, with just the driver and passenger compartments.

Girls partying in a limousine
5 Fun Taxi Alternatives On A Hen’s Night

If there’s still more space, you can be a bit naughty and invite male strippers to have some fun on the ride. After all, it’s the last night of the bride-to-be’s singlehood, so let her have fun! 

Presents, costumes, props, and other extras can be arranged in the limo to spice up your night even more. For example, you can prepare a hen party gift bag for everyone on the ride and another more specialised one for the bride-to-be with special items, like a mini bottle of her favourite drink. 

Fire Engine

For a hotter girl’s night out, you may try authentic fire engines turned into open-air mobile party event venues. Companies have varying gigs, but usually, the bride-to-be will get kidnapped by some sexy kidnappers, be rescued by hot-to-trot firemen, and have a glam night out in her very own fire engine!

Like party buses and limos, these fire engines have the same perks. They also have music and onboard food and drinks, except they’re managed and organised by fully uniformed fireman chauffeurs. 

Other fire engines are even repainted pink and will roam around the city to give the bride-to-be and the group maximum exposure and street presence. It’s certainly an option that creates a lasting impression.


Hiring a helicopter isn’t definitely the cheapest option. The availability of alcohol and music is usually impossible as well. Despite these, it’s the best chance to experience the exhilaration of a helicopter ride you only see on the silver screen! 

Aside from the thrills, the scenic experience of going by air will surely make up for it. You’ll get a bird’s eye view of the sweeping views of the city skyline and other attractions that go on for miles and miles. 

Travelling flying in a helicopter adventure
5 Fun Taxi Alternatives On A Hen’s Night

Try having a helicopter as an entrance to a hen’s party and combine it with a spa day out. It’s the ultimate way to get not only the bride-to-be’s but everyone’s adrenaline rushing before having the best chill down imaginable. 


A cheaper alternative to a helicopter is renting a boat for the day. Depending on how many people are invited, you can settle for a boat or rent out bigger ones. There are other options that are immobile (great for those who avoid seasickness), while others come with a crew who can sail and navigate for you.

Laughing female friends having fun on a boat during vacation
5 Fun Taxi Alternatives On A Hen’s Night

Other pricier options offer chich lunch for up to 35 passengers with an onboard sound system and cocktails flowing as you set off cruising. Classy variants may focus purely on partying or, basically, nightclubs on water. Just be sure the bride-to-be doesn’t get seasick, or worse, fall down drunk! 

Final Thoughts

Let all the girls have a role to play. Delegate the jobs, from decorating to tidying up, and work as a team. This won’t only make you feel overwhelmed but also make the other girls feel involved. 

But don’t over-plan or be too bossy! The other guests are all adults, so they might feel they’re being ordered around. Take it easy and leave a little room in the schedule to chill out. Once you’re all set, don’t forget to have fun! Enjoy! 

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