6 Reasons Why Kratom Is Gaining Popularity Among Nigerians


Why is kratom still illegal in Australia when its legal in the USA? What are the risks? Are there any health benefits?

What is kratom? The organic herbal industry and vendors like super speciosa are familiar to the people. They have used medicinal herbs for several purposes since ancient times, and the current generation has faced a high rise in demand. Hundreds of studies are available stating the advantages of the same, which help to get rid of the myths around them.

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Kratom is a well-known organic product in the market and has recently seen a rise in demand. In the last five years, sales have increased by 120%. It is because of the versatility and positive effects of Kratom.

Kratom is a powerful herb in numerous forms, including powder, medicines, edibles, and even beverages. As time passes, the herb will be handier in other areas. The herb does not lead to any long-term side effects on the users. The article will let you know why kratom is gaining popularity among Nigerians.

Understanding Kratom

Kratom is also popular in Thailand in the name of the mystical food of dragons. The arrival of this herb is actually from the Southeastern part of Asia. It derives from the Kratom tree, which needs a tropical climate.

The leaves of the tree act as an extraction source, and the procedure of execution is easy for the manufacturers. Kratom products consist of THC, mitragynine extract, and other ingredients. Tetrahydrocannabinol generates a little stupor feeling in the consumer. The amount of THC in Kratom is above 0.3%. Thus, kratom is a psychoactive product and different from other Cannabidiol-based products.

It might have many health benefits, and people use it as a supplement by infusing it into their food or fruit juices. It is available in multiple forms, including kratom powders, oil, capsules, kratom tea bags, crushed kratom leaves etc.

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Why Is Kratom Gaining Popularity Among Nigerians?

  1. Kratom Might Act As An Excellent Energy Booster

It is necessary to remember that kratom has multiple strains like white maeng da, red maeng da, green maeng da, green vein kratom etc. Each strain has different properties. Some strains can make a person feel dull; others can give him energetic coffee-like effects.

The strains may make you feel more motivated and energetic to perform daily tasks more easily. Many Nigerians have already started to replace their morning coffee with a glass of kratom tea using raw kratom powder or natural kratom leaf.

Kratom strains perform by improving specific metabolic processes. This causes better circulation and an improvement in oxygenated blood supply.

All these can lead to an increase in energy. Maeng Da, Thai kratom, red bali kratom, green vein kratom strains, red vein borneo and white vein kratom are some of the best kratom strains that might be potentially perfect for people with chronic fatigue syndrome.

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  1. Kratom Might Help Reduce Pain And Inflammation

A study or research from 2017 claimed that kratom has anti-inflammatory and immunity-enhancing properties. After using maeng da kratom, many kratom users claim that this herbal supplement has numerous health benefits and might reduce old pains and aches.

It is usual for people to switch to over-the-counter pills/drugs and opioids to get rid of the pain.

Kratom can provide a safer way to ease or reduce pain and inflammation. Anecdotal evidence is building up every day. At the same time, all require more substantial evidence to take kratom products into the mainstream market.

Many individuals suffering from chronic pains and fibromyalgia get pain relief from HCG injections. Kratom extract products might also have similar pain-relieving effects to a certain extent.

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  1. Kratom Leaf Might Provide Relief From Anxiety

History has records that people living in the countries like Thailand and Malaysia, where kratom derives from, generally chew some fresh kratom leaves before visiting social gatherings or events.

The reason behind this is to remain more relaxed and calmer, making the kratom leaf users less anxious and more sociable.

People also consume kratom for its excellent ability to control the arrival of negative thoughts. High-quality kratom helps users feel more talkative and sociable.

Anxiety is a rising health problem, and kratom powder or other kratom infused products like green malay kratom powder, white thai kratom powder etc. might be crucial in reducing anxiety.

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  1. Kratom Powder Might Also Reduce Addiction

In 2019, a research paper was published by the International Journal of Drug Policy. The aim was to solve some of the usual queries surrounding kratom and its usage.

The experts noticed mixed results. There is considerable anecdotal evidence and reports spread all across the internet.

People require controlled clinical trials required by regulatory authorities like the FDA. According to some clinical trials, the kratom plant qualifies as an effective and safe drug to eliminate opioids and other addictions.

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  1. Various Kratom Strains Might Help Manage Depression

The way kratom powder performs best in the human system is quite similar to that of an opioid, even though it is not opioid-like morphine or codeine. But, the effects of both things are quite similar.

Very little research is available on kratom’s effects on mood and anxiety. Mitragynine is an active alkaloid that binds itself with opioid receptors, thus relieving feelings of pain. This action plays a vital role in boosting the anti-anxiety and antidepressant-like effects, as many kratom users would claim.

It is necessary to mention that all strains and all types of kratom products like kratom extract shots may not have anti-anxiety effects. A person who desires to buy kratom would need to research and get a premium product from reputable harvesters who have undergone good manufacturing practices and lab tests with no artificial preservatives.

Establishing a perfect dosage to expect any of those effects is also necessary because higher quantities can lead to side effects.

Kratom could keep anxiety and depression in control momentarily. Therefore, try to purchase kratom capsules, kratom powder, and kratom leaves from a reliable source or other vendors. It’s also necessary to intake it in moderate doses.

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  1. Kratom Might Help In Libido Management As Well

According to research about sexual functioning, 99% of the users who consumed Kratom to improve sexual performance ended up with enhanced libido and experienced better sexual performance. Kratom leaves have strong aphrodisiac properties, making the kratom plant a highly beneficial sexual performance enhancer.

It should be noted that while there are plenty of positive effects of consuming Kratom, there are a few disadvantages as well. Some side effects of taking this useful herb include vomiting, nausea, liver damage, seizures, headaches, and hallucinations.

So, users must consume kratom by following the safety guidelines that can easily be available on any Kratom information resource online.

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Why Should People Prefer Premium Kratom From Super Speciosa?

Online buyers can purchase kratom from a trustworthy brand like Super Speciosa. The brand sells premium kratom made through an organic process and thus adheres to the excellent manufacturing guidelines set by American Kratom Association.

Super Speciosa products are the safe ways to intake kratom, and among them, Super Speciosa’s Kratom capsules have gained huge popularity over the years.

Super Speciosa is well popular for its kratom powder. The natural and organic kratom leaves are ground into a fine powder and made into several products having many benefits. Additionally, the brand sells kratom capsules, tea bags, liquids, and tablets.

Super Speciosa offers customers a 30-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee on all products. Along with other advantages, super speciosa offers quick shipping, third-party lab testing on all products, and great customer service.

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Final Thoughts

The present generation has observed a high rise in demand for Kratom products. Researchers and experts have also pointed out the benefits of kratom for consumers through various studies. The Kratom market is, therefore, expected to grow to the same extent in decades.

Many brands or vendors have developed various gelatin-free kratom products free from heavy metals. A buyer should do proper research and purchase a reliable kratom brand like Super Speciosa to ensure the quality of products. 

Recent studies claim that Kratom is a safe product. It makes the Nigerians trust kratom more daily to enjoy the benefits. More and more suppliers are distributing the products of different kratom strains in the United States of America.

Experts suggest asking your doctor before beginning with your favorite kratom product. Beginners should start with low doses to see the effects on their bodies and increase their doses gradually.

“It is illegal to possess, supply, manufacture or produce Kratom (‘mitragyna speciosa’) in Australia. These offences range from 12-months jail to 2 years jail and/or $2,200 fine in NSW. Similar penalties apply across State and Territories of Australia because Kratom is a schedule 9 substance under the Current Poisons Standard referred to in the Poisons list.”CDLA.

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