7 Common Errors with Solar Panel Care and How to Avoid Them


Keeping your solar panels in good condition requires knowing what not to do. Here are common errors with solar panel care and how to avoid them.

Investing in solar panels is a fantastic decision if you want a home that runs on sustainable energy and independence from the big energy companies. An estimated 3.7 percent of homeowners in the United States have already taken the plunge into residential solar panel installations. The money you’ll save from green energy is enough justification for buying solar panels for your home.

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The issues arise when homeowners make errors with solar panel care that damage the cells. Knowing how to avoid causing solar panel damage during the cleaning process is essential to protect your investment.

Fortunately for your solar maintenance budget, you’ve found this handy guide to the seven mistakes you must avoid when handling your solar panel care routine. Keep reading to get the most from your solar energy system today!

1. Over-Cleaning

Too much cleaning is terrible if you aim to preserve your solar panels. Many homeowners think keeping their panels extra clean allows them to collect more energy, but it’s more likely to damage your panels. You’ll notice a downturn in performance when you clean your solar panels too often, resulting in less money saved and less energy collected.

Avoid cleaning your solar panels unless absolutely necessary. Light pressure is best since you won’t scratch or damage the panels. The average solar panel should last up to 30 years, but making errors with solar panel care will cut down that lifetime.

You’ll save more money by limiting cleaning solar panels to the bare minimum. Panels that lack scratches and cracks are more effective for energy collection.

2. Using the Wrong Cleaning Materials

The wrong cleaning materials will undoubtedly cause damage during your solar panel care routine. Abrasive materials will scratch the glass and decrease efficiency. You’ll stunt energy collection for your household needs if you use an abrasive cloth to clean your solar panels.

Microfiber towels and cloths are the best materials for cleaning your residential solar system. You should pair your microfibre towels with the best cleaning solutions for a successful cleaning process. Never use bleach or acid to wash the surface of your solar panel.

Liquid soap mixed with warm water will remove debris and dust from the solar panel’s glass. You can also use vacuums and a window-cleaning solution to keep your solar panels clear of dirt. It’s best to read the owner’s manual for your panels or visit this location for assistance with your solar panel maintenance.

3. Ignoring Safety Precautions

Another common error with solar panel care to avoid is failing to follow safety precautions with your solar panels. Most residential solar systems place solar panels on the roof of the house. You face a high risk of injury when on your roof cleaning solar panels.

The owner’s manual should include instructions on when and how to access the solar panels on your home’s roof. It’s best to wear a safety harness and thick gloves when checking your solar panels for damage. While cleaning your solar panels, a long-sleeved shirt is also a wise move to protect yourself from injury and harm.

Cleaning solar panels
7 Common Errors with Solar Panel Care and How to Avoid Them

The best approach involves inspecting your solar panels before cleaning them. Avoid using non-recommended cleaning solutions to keep your panels pristine. The wrong chemicals could damage your solar panels and cause harm to plants and animals near your home.

4. Inconsistent Inspections

Knowing how often you should get your residential solar panels inspected is critical to keep them in top-notch shape. Most solar panel companies will handle inspections on your behalf, but you must learn how to take over this responsibility at some point during your ownership.

Routine inspections are the most effective way to catch issues before they grow larger. An annual inspection is the best route, though a bi-annual inspection will grant you greater peace of mind. Be careful when looking for solar panel damage; the wrong cleaning procedure could cancel your warranty.

5. Not Switching the System Off

You should never clean your solar panels when the system is online. You’re playing with tons of electricity, and the wrong move could cause serious injury or death. Always switch your solar panels off before getting on the roof to look for damage.

The best solar energy company will show you how to turn the power off for maintenance. Most systems involve turning off the alternating current before hitting the AC and DC breakers.

You can avoid deadly electric shocks by taking this extra precaution. It’s wise to save your solar panel care routine for a dry and clear day to decrease the risk of injury.

6. Putting Off Repairs

Repairs for solar panels aren’t cheap, but you should never delay repairs once you’ve discovered solar panel damage. Call your local solar company when you discover damage and get it repaired. Your solar panels are most likely within their service warranty, so the repairs won’t cost you any money.

Failure to fix or replace damaged solar panels could result in your entire residential solar system failing. Don’t take that risk; you could face more expensive repairs and a lack of power at home. It’s always best to get your panels fixed ASAP, especially if you still have warranty coverage.

7. Ignoring the Weather

Depending on your home’s climate, your solar panels may need to overcome snow, ice, hail, and severe wind. Don’t let heavy snowfall keep you from performing your solar panel care routine. Panels are built to withstand vast amounts of snow, but UV rays will struggle to reach the panels if you don’t clean them off.

Cloudy sky
7 Common Errors with Solar Panel Care and How to Avoid Them

Hiring a professional to clean your solar panels in snowy conditions is best. You’ll enjoy the renewable energy you crave without risking your health or warranty.

Avoid the Common Errors With Solar Panel Care

Making errors with solar panel care puts your health and bank account at risk, but you can negate these issues with a proper solar panel care routine. Always turn your residential solar system off before checking for solar panel damage, and stay consistent with your inspections. Avoid abrasive towels and harsh chemicals that will ruin your panels and negate your warranty.

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