Best Destination Cities For Trans And Nonbinary Couples


There are so many benefits to traveling as a couple. You can bond over amazing experiences while immersing yourself in different cultures. That said, if one or both of you is trans or gender-nonconforming, there are things to consider as you choose your destination.

Sadly, not every place is safe or welcoming to trans and nonbinary folks. That’s unfortunate, but there is good news. There are cities around the world that have made a real effort to become attractive destinations for couples like you. Here are some great places to consider for your next vacation.

Amsterdam The Netherlands

Amsterdam is a progressive city that has a long history of being friendly to all members of the LGBTQ+ community. You and your lover will be able to find hotels, bars, nightclubs, live events, and shops that actively welcome trans and nonbinary folks. Check out Reguliersdwarsstraat, a street that is home to one of the largest LGBTQ+ districts in the world.

While there may be frightening laws, proposed and on the books, in other places, discrimination is illegal in The Netherlands. This has been the case for the past 30 years. This is truly a city where you are safe to be who you are. 

Montreal Canada

Canada is another country that is friendly to the LGBTQ+ community, and Montreal stands out as a particularly welcoming place for trans and gender non-conforming couples. Should you choose to visit Montreal, you will find an active, engaged community with a queer-friendy vibe. Come enjoy this beautiful city knowing that you will be protected by long-standing anti-discrimination laws. These include gender affirming policies.

San Francisco, United States

The bad news is that the United States as a whole doesn’t rank very high when it comes to safety and acceptance for members of the trans community. Despite this, there are some cities that are certainly safe and inviting. San Francisco, CA is synonymous with queer acceptance. You will truly find your vibe in this eclectic Northern California community. It has everything: shopping, clubs, skiing, outdoor activities, and so much more!

Lisbon Portugal

Lisbon has emerged as a progressive and welcoming destination in Europe. People aren’t just visiting, they are even deciding to make Lisbon home. Portugal has anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination laws along with an affirming gender identity law. Book your trip and check out the queer scene in Bairro Alto.

Barcelona Spain

Barcelona, Spain is a city that has something to offer everybody. If your ideal vacation is spending time on one of the most scenic coasts in the world, Barcelona is for you. If you prefer an exciting metropolis with plenty to do, you will want to add Barcelona to your short list.

Pride Month, Spain
Best Destination Cities For Trans And Nonbinary Couples

Barcelona is very welcoming to queer and trans folks. You will encounter many people who are out and proud. They will affirm that the city is quite accepting. There is an active nightlife dedicated to LGBTQ+ adults. You won’t regret booking your vacation here.

Finding Other Trans Friendly Destinations

Are you interested in exploring other vacation spots that welcome gender-nonconforming travelers? You should be able to find plenty of spots simply by doing some research or asking questions in transsexual chat rooms.

Safe Travels And More Are Possible

As part of a trans or nonbinary couple, it is understandable that you want your vacation destinations to be safe and affirming. You’re investing time and money in your trip. You deserve to have an amazing time. These cities and others not listed have made it clear. You are welcome and wanted.

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