Can Brisbane and Fremantle Maintain Their Pace to Challenge Melbourne?


Melbourne seems to be moving through the competition like a sharp knife through butter as things stand now, and many people doubt whether or not any of their competitors even have a chance of challenging them for the title. 

Brisbane and Fremantle are two teams that come up in the discussion the most when it comes to teams that could put an end to Melbourne’s domination, and they may be the only teams that have the potential to put an end to Melbourne’s streak. Let’s take a look at whether or not Brisbane and Fremantle will be able to give Melbourne a run for their money.

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Can Brisbane and Fremantle Maintain Their Pace to Challenge Melbourne?

Both Teams Have a Ton of Promise

Anyone that has been following the season knows that Brisbane and Fremantle are moving up through the ranks nearly as easily as Melbourne. Of course, it would be a little misleading to say that they are doing just as well as Melbourne – otherwise, we would see them all in the same position. 

However, Brisbane and Fremantle have been playing incredibly well thus far, and if they continue to play at the level they are now, either one of them could potentially overtake Melbourne. This is great news for Brisbane and Fremantle fans, but terrible for those of you that love Melbourne. 

That’s right; even if both teams maintain their current pace and make no improvements at all, it looks like they are still set to bring the challenge to Melbourne. 

This sentiment is more than reflected in AFL betting, with Brisbane and Fremantle following closely behind Melbourne. It would not be a surprise to see either of them take on Melbourne in the coming months, and in fact, it would come as more of a shock if either of them were to fall behind.  

It’s Definitely Possible 

Something that plays heavily into whether or not Brisbane and Fremantle have the potential to challenge Melbourne is the fact that Melbourne really isn’t all that untouchable.

Melbourne is barely ahead of the pack right now, with them being only a few steps ahead of their closest competitors. This means that it would not be all too difficult for Brisbane and Fremantle to catch up, and it seems as though Melbourne is not as far ahead as some people may think. 

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Can Brisbane and Fremantle Maintain Their Pace to Challenge Melbourne?

It is more than possible for Brisbane and Fremantle, as well as a few others, to sprint ahead towards the finish line and surpass Melbourne in the process. That’s not to say it will be easy; Melbourne truly seems to be an exceptional side right now. However, it is possible. 

So, do you think Brisbane and Fremantle have what it takes to challenge Melbourne? In time, we will come to know the answer to this question for sure. Either way; it’s going to be an incredibly exciting season, and we just can’t wait to see who ends up coming out on top. Have fun.

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