Crafting and Earning through Game Music Composition


Remember the times when you chatted with your friends about the best tune for League of Legends, Dota, FIFA, or other famous titles in the gaming industry? One day, you may be behind the scenes of such dialogs with your own creation for the next top-notch adventure for gamers. Although it might be difficult to create soundtracks that match the laws of the genre and meet video game synchronization capabilities, mastering your techniques can definitely become a lucrative experience.

Theoretical Background

Before getting a salary for your first successful project in the field, you have to understand more about the market’s requirements for video game soundtracks. The list of topics to check includes:

  • publishing royalties opportunities;
  • how to access sync opportunities;
  • the variety of game genres and music requirements and recommendations for them;
  • modern marketing strategies, and so on.
Crafting and Earning through Game Music Composition

Being a self-made expert isn’t a problem nowadays, but it will be easier to find your dream job through professional training like music courses or Bachelor’s degrees in music-related fields. That’s how brushing up on widespread track production strategies will be easier and more effective.

Working with Advanced Music Production Equipment

If you want to increase the likelihood of being hired by the greatest gaming companies, you have to generate second-to-none results first. Even if you work from your home studio, the sound quality has to be exceptional. Thanks to premium-class DAWs, you can start your journey of writing mind-blowing tracks and earning money in return.

Headphones in recording studio in front of opened DAW
Crafting and Earning through Game Music Composition

Try free DAWs to see how things work in practice — Audacity, Ableton Live Lite, Reaper, and Garageband will come in handy. With Ditto music, the number of songs to release is unlimited. Through professional marketing systems like ArtistPush for promotion on Spotify and YouTube, you can create an impressive portfolio of projects and avoid a scenario when you reach potential customers empty-handed. Improving your brand recognition comes hand-in-hand with marketing and advanced music production strategies.

Freelancing vs. In-House Composing

Without a doubt, you can develop your skills working individually or as a member of a professional team. Depending on their pros and cons, your task is to realize what suits your career goals and ensures its future-proof nature:

  • While freelancing might be challenging in terms of the lack of structure and the entrepreneurial roller coaster of constant negotiations with clients, it is fulfilling in the freedom of project choice and complete creative content control.
  • On the other hand, salaries work provides peace of mind with its stability and certain predictability. Your company can protect your rights and minimize potential losses with special offers like paid sick leave. Still, you are highly dependent on the target employer. For example, you will have to work on any project even if you don’t feel like it.

All in all, it is better to try a few approaches at once and see what you like the most. The more knowledgeable you become, the higher the chance to ensure your video game soundtrack will go viral and transform into an excellent source of income.

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