Fishtank Live Season 2: Everything We Know So Far


With few days left before the premiere of Fishtank Live Season 2, here’s a rundown of all the wild details we’ve gathered about this unorthodox show so far!

In the digital era where reality TV has burgeoned, Fishtank Live emerges as a riveting concoction of reality TV and interactive digital entertainment. Season 1 unfolded as a competitive reality escapade, orchestrated by the enigmatic host Sam Hyde, also known as Jason Goldstriker, alongside Jet Neptune. The duo ushered eight strangers into a six-week-long competition within a fully monitored smart house, with a grand prize of $35,000 awaiting the triumphant contestant​​.

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Revisiting Season 1, the journey commenced with eight spirited contestants: Vance, Simmons, Jonathan, Mauro, Damiel, Josie, Sylvia, and Violetta (aka Letty). Among the bunch, Josie’s whimsical antics and charming demeanor captured hearts, leading him to clinch the grand prize. On the other hand, Violetta, affectionately known as Letty, carved a niche with her distinctive personality, becoming a cherished figure among the Fishtank Live community.

As the anticipation for Season 2 crescendos, with a countdown marking four days to the live premiere on October 17, Fishtank Live aficionados are on tenterhooks. The allure of a Season Pass, priced at AUD$90, promises an all-access pass to the unfolding drama, alongside tokens for text-to-speech interactions, a copy of the entire second season and a passport to clans. The Fishtank Live chat is another realm where viewers can earn experience through quirky missions, making the show a gamified reality spectacle.

Violetta aka Letty
Fishtank Live Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

The spotlight on Sam Hyde, aka Jason Goldstriker, as the host, deserves a mention. His quirky alter-ego, Goldstriker, infuses a sense of unpredictability and humor into the show. His interactions with the contestants, coupled with his idiosyncratic challenges, not only test the mettle of the contestants but also offer a comedic respite, making the show a delightful watch.

Investment opportunities herald a new chapter for Fishtank Live, inviting fans to partake in its success. The maiden $1 million investment is structured as a SAFE (A Future Equity Agreement) with a robust USD$37.5M market value cap, a testament to the burgeoning appeal and potential of the show (Wefunder).

Season 2 holds the promise of nostalgia with Letty making a guest appearance. Her rapport with the audience in Season 1 leaves fans excited for her return, albeit in a new role. Equally, the legacy of Josie, the victor of Season 1, sets a high bar for the new contestants, whose identities are partially revealed, with six out of eight contestants already unveiled to the public​​.

Fishtank Live season 1 winner
Fishtank Live Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Fishtank Live Season 2 beckons a new horizon of interactive reality TV, with a suite of engaging features, a blend of new and familiar faces, and a platform that extends beyond mere viewership into a realm of digital engagement and investment.

As the premiere looms, the Fishtank Live community is abuzz with excitement, ready to embark on a new journey of laughter, competition, and interactive entertainment. The narrative of Fishtank Live, from its embryonic stage as documented on here on Poptopic, to the cusp of its second season, epitomizes the evolution of reality TV in a digitally connected world.


One of our observant readers graciously pointed out that the website’s timer is actually marking the time leading up to the release of Season 1, meticulously edited for seamless viewing. Season pass holders will have the privilege of streaming and downloading each episode.

As for Season 2, the excitement begins on December 18, 2023—a date that’s swiftly approaching. Registered users on Fishtank Live will have the opportunity to witness the unfolding drama live. Moreover, season pass holders will enjoy access to additional rooms and an array of exciting features. Upon its conclusion, Season 2 will also be transformed into episodic content for easy viewing.

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