Hogwarts Legacy needs an online roleplaying mode


Hogwarts Legacy would be perfect with online mode — I haven’t had this much fun playing a videogame since Rockstar released in 2006.

Hogwarts Legacy is a masterpiece. We barely review video games, but if I would to score this game it would easily receive a perfect score. The only let down is knowing that my adventure as a Hogwarts alumni will soon conclude — that’s why I am hoping the community creates an online multiplayer roleplaying mode.

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The developers behind Hogwarts Legacy are just as talented as Rockstar Games’ best. Considering that Grand Theft Auto V pretty much received perfect scores across the board from mainstream “gaming” websites, I think this game should have too.

Every element of the game is masterfully done, and it is so well bundled together to create one of the most immersive gaming experiences I’ve enjoyed in a long time. I dare say this Hogwarts Legacy captures the magic of the wizarding world better than the last three Fantastic Beasts movies. From the beautiful vistas to whimsical, yet beautiful, musical compositions, the experience truly is enchanting.

Imagine a Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer roleplaying game!

I’ve never connected or cared so much about a game character before, and I truly want to continue the story of my little protagonist, even unofficially.

Even though it doesn’t really affect our playthrough, allowing us to customise our own look, choose our own house, and design our own wand really makes us feel like we exist in J.K. Rowling‘s magical world.

I decided to create sort of a dark version of Hermione Granger, a brown-haired Slytherin girl with deep hypnotic pink eyes and named after a poisonous flower, Autumn Crocus, but after just an hour of two of playing as her I really wanted to imagine her as canon in the Harry Potter lore.

Sadly, as I know million of others sharing my story in Hogwarts Legacy, I know that my personalised character could never, and would never, be a real part of the story. However, she could exist in a separate universe that is shared by thousands of other Harry Potter fans… online.

Hogwarts' Sorting Hat.
Hogwarts’ Sorting Hat.

The playground is there. The tools are there. Everything is there to create a Grand Theft Auto Online, style FiveM roleplaying game.

To be honest, I’d be too shy to actually roleplay like they do on GTARP, but I’d certainly want to live in a Harry Potter metaverse where I could contribute to the world by making potions and selling them to vendors.

Obviously there’s a fat chance that the developers will actually release a Hogwarts Legacy online multiplayer roleplaying mode, and I don’t even know if it is even possible for this mode to be modded in by the community… but hey, Avalanche Software, could you please give us game plus mode.

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