How much money do you need to live in Gold Coast Australia?


With its beautiful beaches, ideal weather, and vibrant nightlife, the Gold Coast is one of the nicest destinations in Australia, but how much does it cost to live there?

Have you been contemplating a significant life transformation? The Gold Coast in Australia, appropriately called for the city’s golden beaches, is one of the greatest destinations to relocate. Simply concerned that you may not be able to afford to live there? We’ve broken down the cost of living so you don’t have to!

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Do you want to live in the Gold Coast? The Gold Coast is one of the most popular destinations to move to in the whole of Australia for both Aussies and expats. The amazing beaches, friendly atmosphere, fabulous nature, and busy cities attract people from all over the world. Whether you’re considering moving to the Gold Coast from abroad or relocating within Australia, you’re probably wondering what’s the cost of living in the area.

Cost of living in the Gold Coast

It is worth pointing out that the average salaries tend to be higher in Australia meaning many families and travelers move in the search for a higher quality of life and job opportunities. Are the higher wages proportional to the cost of living? How much money do you really need to live in Gold Coast Australia? 


One of the main expenses when living in the Gold Coast is going to be your accommodation. There’s a wide variety of options out there, from renting to buying, from small apartments to large villas. The proximity to the city center will also influence the price. On average, you can expect to pay around $1200 a month on your rent in the Gold Coast, for a 1-bedroom apartment in the City Center.

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Cost of living in Gold Coast: Rent/Accomidations (JoeCough,

A great way to find the best offers is to use a property search engine, to filter your requirements, budget, location and much more. By doing a quick search for Units for rent on the Gold Coast you can gain access to all of the area’s listings, making your property search easier and faster, allowing you to stay on budget and find your perfect house. If you’re searching for a smaller, most cost-effective accommodation, you can expect to pay about $900 a month, outside of the City Center.


The second important part of your expenses will be groceries, to put food on your table. The Gold Coast has plenty markets offering fresh produce at some fantastic prices compared to the rest of Australia. Grocery expenses are  8% lower than say in Sydney, making it a great alternative if you’re on a tight budget.

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Cost of living in Gold Coast: Groceries (LukaTDB,

If you stay away from the expensive restaurants and cook at home, life doesn’t have to be too expensive. Basics are usually cheaper than in other cities, with milk costing on average $1,60$, eggs $4,20 and chicken fillets $10,25.  You’ll spend a little more if you’re wanting alcoholic drinks, with a bottle of wine coming in at an average price of $18.


It’s no secret that eating and drinking out in Australia in general comes at a premium. Sure, there are different levels of eating out, a takeaway won’t be the same as a 5-course tasting menu with wine pairings. However, the quality of restaurants in the Gold Coast is exceptional.

Cost of living in Gold Coast: Restaurants (Anton Fratila, 

You’ll be able to find all types of cuisines, and in general you can find something for every budget. A basic meal out will set you back between $12 to $15, a price that of course rockets as soon as you investigate luxurious meals. That being said, it once again, is cheaper than other cities or areas such as Sydney.


You’ll have some other fixed expenses whilst living in the Gold Coast, such as internet, heating, water, electricity, and telephone bills. In general, these expenses are not the highest of the country. The fantastic climate means the heating will be turned off for a good part of the year. In total, plan to spend about $200 a month on these fixed costs. This tends to be similar throughout the country.

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