How to Bet on Cricket: Complete Guide for Beginners in 2023


Over 2.5 billion people worldwide participate in cricket, today’s oldest game. Modern cricket bettors have different options for betting on matches worldwide, thanks to bookies providing a wide range of opportunities in cricket betting markets.

Understanding how to wager on cricket games is crucial, whether you’re a seasoned gambler or a rookie. In addition to introducing the top betting sites, this post seeks to clarify the procedure. When you bet on cricket games, combine your expertise, analytical skills, and money management to maximize your enjoyment.

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Can You Gamble on Cricket?

Yes, gambling on cricket is possible. The easiest bets in cricket are win or moneyline bets; choose a winner between the teams you play. The most popular cricket bets in the USA for cricket are:

  • The highest score;
  • Total runs scored in a set amount of overs;
  • Methods for the batsman dismissal.

Bet on cricket is becoming popular daily due to the increasing popularity of cricket betting strategies and online betting platforms.

How Do You Bet on a Cricket Game?

Cricket is the most popular online sport to bet on. Always find trustworthy online sports betting sites for betting on cricket. Here some of the cricket betting tips are:

#1 Trustworthy Online Betting Platform

Select a trustworthy platform with correct cricket betting odds and required licensing. Just make it stand out from the crowd.

#2 Analyze Teams and Players

Research stats, players, and past team performance in cricket matches, pitch conditions, and other relevant factors influencing the game’s outcome.

#3 Maintain Financial Control:

  • Establish a betting budget.
  • Demonstrate discipline.
  • Refrain from impulsively surpassing your reasonable limits or pursuing losses.

#4 Place Your Bets

Once you’ve analyzed the options, place the bet on cricket according to your desire and make a placement.

#5 Follow the Matches

Stay updated with live scores, match statistics, and news related to the games you’ve bet on to track the progress of your bets.

Cricket betting, Australia
[2023] Ultimate Guide How To Bet On Cricket🏏- Pro Tips Here ✅

Top 3 Best Cricket Betting Sites

The choice could be clearer because many online sports betting sites and well-known cricket bets exist. Even if knowing how to pick the best website could be helpful, it is always good to read evaluations from online sports betting specialists. Here are a few of the cricket betting sites:


If you love betting on cricket, consider looking at Bambet, a renowned sportsbook that provides cricket exchange betting. For cricket fans looking for a safe and satisfying betting experience, Bambet is a great choice due to its dependability and integrity. Whether an experienced gambler or a novice, Bambet offers VIP programs, generous bonuses and rewards. 


Betway is a premier cricket betting service catering to seasoned players and casual enthusiasts. With comprehensive tournament coverage, competitive cricket betting odds explained, and many markets, it offers opportunities to secure substantial prizes.


The UK-based Bet365 has made a name for itself as one of the top websites for betting on cricket, with an expanding customer base of bettors abroad. Along with rivaling Betway, the bookmaker has some of the greatest cricket betting odds available, and its in-play betting tool is undoubtedly the best right now.

How to Handicap the Cricket Odds?

The technique of cricket odds handicapping involves assessing several parameters to determine the specific advantages and disadvantages of teams or players. Following are a few crucial considerations:

  • A player’s most recent performance;
  • Head-to-head records;
  • Pitch;
  • Weather conditions;
  • Player injuries;
  • Team makeup.

Understanding the various game formats, like test cricket matches, ODI, and T20 matches, is crucial. Keep up with cricket news and statistics to make informed wagers. When betting on cricket with a handicap, a bettor’s success is boosted by their ability to recognize betting odds and gain an advantage over the bookmakers.


Betting on cricket might be enjoyable and rewarding. Those who correctly forecast outcomes will be rewarded with enticing betting odds and potentially substantial prizes. You’ll be happy to learn that there are several betting markets to investigate as a beginner because they provide many possibilities and winning opportunities. Your chances of success and a fulfilling cricket betting online adventure may greatly increase by arming yourself with useful suggestions.

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