Inspector Sua: A Look at Thailand’s Most Notorious Police Officer


Thailand is investigating Lt-colonel Wasawat Mookarasakul, nicknamed “Inspector Sua”, for involvement in numerous illegal activities and businesses. The investigation includes 60 organizations and 150 people connected to an illegal online gambling platform. Public confidence in the Royal Thai Police has decreased due to a series of negative events involving officers.

Thailand has recently been rocked by some incredible events surrounding a high-ranking police officer involved in online gambling operations and numerous other lucrative businesses. A former politician and massage parlor tycoon turned whistleblower, Chuwit Kamolvisit, started talking about the police officer he initially nicknamed “Inspector Sua”, raising the interest of an entire country. 

High-level Investigation

A top-level police investigation started after a former politician and influential businessman blew the whistle on Lt-colonel Wasawat Mookarasakul regarding involvement in several illegal activities through his businesses. The officer was attached to the Logistics Office of the Royal Thai Police, in the public works division. During the investigation, Wasawat has been temporarily suspended from duty, but there are doubts about how transparent this investigation is. 

The officials are quick to point out that Wasawat’s involvement in law enforcement has a severe impact on police agencies and the trustworthiness of local authorities. This is why they are taking the investigation seriously and ensuring that justice is served. They are conducting a thorough investigation and are using all available resources to ensure that the truth is uncovered and that those responsible are held accountable. In addition, they are working hard to restore the public’s trust in the police force by introducing measures to increase transparency and accountability.

Gun and bullets on casino table with money and gambling objects
Inspector Sua: A Look at Thailand’s Most Notorious Police Officer

According to the whistleblower’s information, Waswat is part of a criminal organization comprised of multiple companies from various activity fields. Here are the companies listed by Chuwit that are alleged, part of the organization controlled by “Inspector Sua”:

  • Pentro Exchange – a currency exchange 
  • PT Software – a company that develops computer software
  • Pentor Property – a residential and commercial real estate company
  • Pentor Entertainment – a venue operator responsible for Dubai Luxury Club and Tomorrow Land Exclusive Lounge in Bangkok
  • Snocko Technology – computer industry company
  • AMB Games – online gaming operator
  • Esyms – online healthcare platform developer
  • Pentor Group Saving and Credit
  • Pentor Group Foundation
  • Lalisa 2020 – a massage parlor operator

Who is Inspector Sua?

The police officer at the center of the investigation is a mysterious figure in Thailand. Mostly unknown to the public before this high-level scandal started, Wasawat Mookarasakul earned the respect of fellow officers and members of the criminal world during his rise as a gambling kingpin. 

After the details of his operation became public, several incidents involving Wasawat started to surface. While it’s not sure if the allegations are true, some people in Thailand seem to think the Lt Col has a “death wish” because of the dangerous situations he faces. Reports talk about high-speed car chases and shootings but everything will be determined by the investigators in charge. 

What are the Accusations?

According to Thailand’s head of the Central Investigation Bureau, Lt Gen Jirabhop Bhuridej, the investigation is not limited to the 10 companies in which the so-called “Inspector Sua” is involved. The complete list includes over 60 organizations and more than 150 people suspected to be linked with the gambling network. The whistleblower estimated that there were more than 10 billion baht in circulation across the illegal gambling platform put together.

Inspector Sua: A Look at Thailand’s Most Notorious Police Officer

It’s not that uncommon for police officers or other state workers to engage in private businesses to boost their income. However, this case centered on Waswat and his companies is special due to strong suspicions of gambling activities. “Inspector Sua” has been accused of participating in online gambling in Thailand, a serious matter if proven by the authorities. With most forms of gambling being illegal in the country and strong actions from the government to crack down on such activities, it’s understood why this investigation draws a lot of interest. 

According to Chuwit’s accusations, the network run by the suspended police officer was centered on the illegal online gambling operation. Then, through the numerous other companies he’s involved in, as well as other companies, the money was laundered. Lt Gen Jirabhop stated to the media that his team would focus on finding out if any money laundering activities taking place within any of the investigated companies. He added that “Inspector Sua” will be brought to extensive questioning together with other individuals if the situation requires it. 

Worries Over Extensive Corruption

As if the online gambling suspicions were not enough to make this case a hot one, Chuwit Kamolvisit also added that Waswat was able to set up his extensive gambling network thanks to inside help from “General J”. 

It’s not yet clear if this is another nickname chosen by the whistleblower, just like he used “Inspector Sua” for Waswat at the beginning. However, the ongoing investigation will surely uncover any other individuals connected to the illegal operations. 

Furthermore, the possible connection with other high-ranked police officers or politicians urged Damrongsak Kittiprapas, the National police chief, to give a 15-day deadline to complete the investigation to identify the so-called “General Jor” and his level of involvement. 

This is the most recent scandal involving Thailand’s police officers in a series of negative events that significantly decreased public confidence in the Royal Thai Police. In January, a Pattaya police officer was accused of requesting 60,000 baht from a tourist simply because he had an e-cigarette. Another scandal involved six officers from the Huai Khwang stations that were charged with taking bribes and extorting a Taiwanese actress.

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