Shocking Lies About the OceanGate Submersible Tragedy


Things aren’t adding up about the OceanGate Submersible tragedy; here are four lies repeated by the mainstream media.

In the annals of maritime catastrophes, the OceanGate Titan Submersible Disaster stands out as a stark reminder of the profound risks lurking beneath the ocean’s surface. A calamity that cost the lives of its crew and passengers, it has since been mired in controversy and skepticism.

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The very name, “OceanGate,” echoes with insinuations of subterfuge, drawing parallels to the infamous WaterGate scandal that rocked the political world in the 1970s. The suffix ‘Gate’, affixed to any event, has come to symbolize a hidden web of deceit and conspiracy. It begs the question: was the OceanGate disaster an orchestrated spectacle intended to create uproar, or was it a genuine tragedy? A closer examination of the circumstances surrounding the incident reveals a series of unsettling discrepancies.

The Unspoken Expectation of Failure

Contrary to public belief, the OceanGate team was reportedly convinced that recovery of the Titan submersible was an impossibility from the outset. The submersible’s tracking and communication systems went offline simultaneously, leading many to surmise that the vessel had imploded under the immense pressures of the ocean depths. Yet, the team waited for several hours before making this information public. Was this delay due to shock and grief, or were they strategizing the best way to communicate their anticipated failure?

A Hollow Search for the Missing

Following the tragedy, a search and rescue mission funded by taxpayers’ money was initiated. It was a noble gesture, but was it genuine? Critics argue that the authorities knew from the start that the Titan had imploded with passengers aboard, yet they allowed the search to continue until the submersible’s oxygen supply would logically have been depleted. Was this all an elaborate charade meant to placate the public? Or perhaps an opportunity to profit from the widespread attention the disaster garnered?

The Questionable Funding and Construction of the Titan

The OceanGate CEO, Stockton Rush, was seemingly not under any financial pressure to cut corners in the Titan’s construction. Despite reports of hefty funding from global investors, the submersible was allegedly made using DIY components, glued together rather than welded, and controlled using a budget-priced Logitech controller. The question remains: why opt for such low-cost materials and methods in a venture where lives were at stake?

The Harrowing Final Moments

The general consensus is that the Titan’s passengers would have died instantly in the event of an implosion. However, evidence suggests a much more horrifying scenario. Indications are that the crew attempted to ascend after the hull began to buckle under the water pressure, dropping their ascent weights in a desperate attempt to reach the surface. This would mean that the crew and passengers spent their final moments in the absolute darkness of the ocean depths, acutely aware of their impending doom.

OceanGate sub
Shocking Lies About the OceanGate Submersible Tragedy

The OceanGate Titan Submersible Disaster, with its insinuations of lies, deceit and exploitation, continues to provoke a storm of questions. The truth remains elusive, buried perhaps as deep as the Titan itself. The ‘Gate’ in OceanGate seems to signify more than just a name—it stands as a symbol of the controversy and doubt that shrouds this tragic event.

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