The biggest gambling wins in history


The biggest wins are hidden in slot machines. The history of gambling industry knows several record-breaking events.

The record of 2013

Gambling news from Finland does not come too often. However, as it happens, it is always a sensation. There are not so many local operators in the country, but this does not detract from the craving for excitement among local players. By the way, the highest payout online casinos offer favorable bonuses, which will also be suitable for users from Australia.

Towards the end of 20 January 2013, one of the residents of the Finnish province decided to spend the evening at slot machines. The player has long played in one of the virtual casinos, sometimes winning, but more often left with nothing. The fact is that the fan of gambling did not want to leave half of his monthly salary for his hobby. Gambler bets did not exceed a few cents.

The biggest gambling wins in history

This time the Finn decided to try his luck at Mega Fortune. What was his surprise when on his first try at 25 cents he hit the jackpot and hit the progressive jackpot. The casino customer’s total winnings totalled $24 million. The player’s life changed overnight, although he had to spend the lion’s share of the profits on taxes.

The 2020 Record 

If we make a comparison of slot machines from different manufacturers for all time, it turns out that the most popular will be Mega Moolah from Microgaming. The main feature of this slot is a progressive jackpot. A lot of people manage to win a lot of money. There were cases when the counter was not updated for a year. Then the amount of potential winnings approached the mark of 20 million dollars.

To fight for the jackpot in this slot, the casino client needs to risk. Professionals prepare a large budget. The same advice was followed by one of the online players and he got lucky. In the midst of 30 January 2020, the user collected a jackpot of 20,000,000 USD.

By the way, Mega Moolah regularly shines in the ratings. High volatility prevents the random number generator from frequently issuing a pass to the jackpot bonus round. Therefore, by the end of the year around the game gathers an army of millions of fans.

Another record of Mega Moolah

In general, experts should make a separate rating for the slot from Microgaming. Slot machine annually makes millionaires 2-3 gamblers. And it happens by accident and often among players who did not expect to take at least a minimum winnings.

This is exactly the situation that happened to John Heywood in 2015. The Englishman decided to brighten up watching a documentary film by playing a popular video slot. As a deposit, he chose $40 and put on 25 scrolls. On the final spin, the slot machine gave a pass to the jackpot, and Heywood became the owner of the sum of $ 17,300,000. 

Very big amount of US hundred dollar bills. Huge quantity of united states currency notes
The biggest gambling wins in history

Unlike many others, John did not shed all the money for entertainment, booze and recreation. Part of the winnings of the Briton spent on the treatment of his father, and the remaining money invested. This helped him forget about his daily work forever and become a millionaire.

An anonymous record from Norway

Another fascinating accident happened around the same period on the shores of Norway. One of the players had been suffering from insomnia for the past hour. To somehow distract himself from his torment, he decided to play a session of slots on an online casino site.

Unfortunately, gambling did not help the Norwegian to solve the problem with insomnia and even aggravated it. Already with the first spin in Mega Fortune gambler caught a score of $ 14,000,000. As the lucky gambler himself said, he could not sleep for twenty-four hours, because he was so shocked by the luck that he felt sick.

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