The Golden Age of Television: Must-Watch TV Shows of the Decade


Have you ever heard that we are living in the Golden Age of Television?

So often these sorts of eras are dubbed such a title long after they are over, like the Golden Age of Hip Hop or the Renaissance Era of art and culture way further back. 

It is hard to know you are living in an era-defining moment when you are living in it, but if you look around or take time to think, there is reason to believe such a bold claim. Outside of television, you have the online world thriving, with online casinos and cryptocurrencies come together at Joe Fortune crypto casino. With attractive crypto welcome bonuses of up to $1500 for bitcoin deposits, the platform truly leaves its mark on the digital-first industry of iGaming. And when it comes to the Golden Age of TV, it is hard to argue that this decade does not live up to such a title.

Not only do we have access to TV shows like never before with streaming sites and instant playback, but the budgets, the technology and the possibilities of television have also come the furthest they’ve ever been to this point. In celebration of the present and recent past, in this article, we are looking at the must-watch TV shows of the last decade – from classics at the start of the decade to more recent hits like The Last of Us.

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad
Must-Watch Shows: Breaking Bad.

Just making it into our must-watch TV shows of the last decade is Breaking Bad, with the final series of the iconic drama releasing in 2013. Few shows define the new era of TV quite like this one as Bryan Cranston starred as Mr White or Heisenberg, the science teacher turned drug lord.

It is a story about masculinity, family, mental and physical health, shot in a stunning way that celebrates the mundanity of suburban USA. Filled with symbolism, great dialogue and top performances from a cast that some of which went on to make successful spin off series, Breaking Bad is top tier TV for the streaming era.

The series first came around when streaming sites were taking off and becoming the norm, so those famous cliffhangers would keep us all binge watching. Jesse Pinkman’s comedic side offers light touches in what is frankly a very dark series, for Jesse as much as anyone else, as the many plots and subplots unravel throughout 5 seasons. 

All of the above gives it a very high score of 9.5 on IMDB.

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones
Must-Watch Shows: Game of Thrones.

Surprise, surprise. Game of Thrones made the list of unmissable TV shows of the last decade. If people are yawning then they are probably the same people who repeatedly ignored their friends who insisted they watch it, perhaps put off by their enthusiasm and determination to make their own choices.

That was many of us, let’s face it. As the most hyped TV show of all time grew and grew in reputation, it eventually came for us all, even those who swore they did not like fantasy shows or what have you. Such fandom for the show exists out there that some people take a trip out to Croatia to tour castles where much of the series was filmed, gearing their whole holidays around it. That’s not something that many TV shows can claim to have.

The series itself is jaw dropping in its beauty, with scenes going from raging to raunchy and storylines to make the heart race. A lot of people felt let down by the ending but let us not forget the journey that GOT took the whole world on for the best part of a decade. A golden era, indeed.

The Last of Us

The Last of Us season 2 in production, Naughty Dog confirms
Must-Watch Shows: The Last of Us.

Making a video game into a TV series or film is not something that is easy to pull off. 

Many have tried and many have got results that were more mediocre than mercurial. But, without a doubt, the hit series The Last of Us is proving that the video game crossover can be done and done well if respect and attention to detail are paid to the original format.

Avid fans of the game have been left pleasantly surprised at how Joel and Ellie’s journey has been portrayed for TV, with breakout acting performances and incredible visuals being crucial to the success of a series that defies the odds in more ways than one. Geared around the character’s seemingly simple hope to survive in an apocalyptic world, caused by a mass fungal infection. 

The series has just wrapped up its second season and there will be people eager for a third. Just like the video game, it’s been a huge success, wonderfully gripping and as you watch, you really feel submerged into the events on your screen. Believe the hype and watch this show, you will not regret it.

That’s three of our must-watch TV series of this golden era, what are yours?

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