Unique Sculptures That You Need to See at Least Once in Your Life if You Love Art


Sculptures and statues are a big part of the history and culture of our society. Many of them are incredibly beautiful. Today we will tell you the top of the most amazing sculptures in the world.

If you love art, it will be wonderful entertainment for you. Viewing these statues will be a wonderful bonus to your journey. Well, while you’re on your way, you can get even more pleasant bonuses with casino bonuses everywhere in the world. 

Let’s start our amazing list!

Statue of Nelson Mandela by Marco Cianfanelli

This is not just a statue, but a puzzle! If you look at the sculpture from the wrong angle, it’s just a bunch of columns. An interesting trick that can make the audience think. The sculpture was created by the South African artist Marco Cianfanelli, who worked on many projects. He created works of art and architecture and installations in public places. 

Statue of Nelson Mandela
Unique Sculptures That You Need to See at Least Once in Your Life if You Love Art

The artist uses many different approaches and methods in the creation of his works, including computer calculations. Can a computer-designed sculpture be called art? Everyone thinks differently about this.

“Allegory of the Apennines” by Sculptor Giambologna

If you decide to go on a trip to Italy, then be sure to visit Tuscany, because that’s where this unique sculpture is located. Although it is a representation of a geographical feature, it is indeed a statue. The great sculptor Giambologna presented his creation to the world at the end of the 16th century. The idea was to create an image of the Italian mountains of the Apennines (Apennine Mountains; Ital. Appennino). The sculpture depicts a mountain god named Appenino.

Allegory of the Apennines
Unique Sculptures That You Need to See at Least Once in Your Life if You Love Art

 The statue has a secret – inside the giant work of art, there are several rooms, each of which has its purpose. For example, one of them redirects water from an underground stream and outputs it to a jug held by an Appenin. The statue is more than 10 meters in height. It is worth visiting this place. If you’re lucky, and if the rumors are true, you can even see smoke coming out of the statue’s nostrils when a fireplace is burning in one of the rooms.

Salmon from Keith Jellum

Moving on to the United States, we find an unusual sculpture in Portland, Oregon, created by Keith Jellum. Sculpture of a salmon sticking out of the wall of a building. And it looks realistic, except that it is ten times larger than any live salmon. The statue was hand-forged from bronze by local sculptor Keith Jellum.

Fish in building scultpure
Unique Sculptures That You Need to See at Least Once in Your Life if You Love Art

The length of the sculpture is 3 meters, but despite the size, many tourists do not notice it, since the salmon is at the height of the third floor. If you don’t look up, you can easily pass by without noticing the masterpiece. However, it is not difficult to find it, you need to follow the smell of salmon. The sculpture is located on the building of a seafood restaurant, which in turn is located on Salmon Street.

“METALmorphosis” by David Cerny

Located in Whitehall Technology Park in Charlotte, North Carolina, this 7-meter sculpture was created from stainless steel. The author of the work, David Cerny, was born in Prague, and his work “METALmorphosis” became the first permanent public installation in the United States. Cerny had a vision for a water-centered piece, and he brought it to life.

Unique Sculptures That You Need to See at Least Once in Your Life if You Love Art

The sculpture weighs 13 tons, and its height reaches 7 meters. Imagine a colossal human head, crafted from gleaming stainless steel, emerging from the water’s surface. In the original idea, the water had to come out of the mouth. The work was first presented to the world in 2007. It took 40 rotating layers of stainless steel to make it. A similar sculpture depicting the head of the writer Franz Kafka can be found in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic.

“Wursa” by Daniel Firman

Have you ever seen an elephant standing on its trunk? We are ready to please you, even if it is impossible in nature, you can see it in art! For the first time, a sculpture called “Wursa” attracted the attention of the public in 2008. Then it was first exhibited at the Fontenblo Castle in Paris.

Upside down elephant
Unique Sculptures That You Need to See at Least Once in Your Life if You Love Art

Author Daniel Firman created a statue in the shape of an elephant balancing on its trunk. Of course, this is impossible in real life. Although the artist says that at an altitude of about 17 thousand kilometers above the earth, gravity would be weak enough for an elephant to climb on its trunk. To create his creation, the author worked with many specialists, including taxidermists, to create the most realistic elephant. In creating his works, Firman takes everyday and real elements and places them in unusual situations. The sculpture “Wursa” shows us both obesity and lightness, creating a kind of balance.


The art of sculpture is one of the oldest. In their creation, the artists convey to the viewer a special meaning, feeling and their vision of the world.

Viewing these unique sculptures can be a wonderful addition to your journey. We hope that you liked this article and that you were able to immerse yourself in the world of art at least a little. Thanks for reading!

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