What devices can significantly change the gaming experience


What gaming gear, devices and peripherals do you need to significantly enhance and change your gaming experience?

Are you looking to enhance your gaming experience? Here are the essentials such as devices and other peripherals  that will give your setup the ultimate boost it requires, whether you’re seeking additional frames for competitive shooters or the greatest graphics for unparalleled immersion.

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Modern computer peripheral developers are always working to improve their gaming devices. There are several reasons for this:

  1. Working with eSports and getting big contracts
  2. Increasing the popularity of your products through thoughtful and cool new features.
  3. The desire to bring something new to the gaming industry before competitors.

It is for these reasons that you need to regularly update gaming devices to suit your needs – this is not about buying popular brands, but keeping track of technologies and updating gadgets.

For example, for World of Warcraft – you can always buy wotlk gold to dress your character in good equipment and leave it to autofarm with a macro mouse and go about your business – this is an example.

Devices and accessories worth updating:

  • Gaming mouse
  • Keyboard for gaming
  • Sleeve
  • 120 hz monitor
  • Headset 7.1
Gaming Lan setup
Gaming devices: setup (Image credit Pexels)

Gaming mouse

One of the most progressive devices in the modern industry.

Pros of a gaming mouse:

  1. Setting up macros – scripts that automate many game actions and, if properly configured, will allow you to create an optimal, automatically farming character, even if you are not at the computer – for this you need to take into account all the little things. Running trajectory, attack skills and healing abilities, or elixirs. The character will be able to heal, even unnecessarily, but it’s better than constantly resurrecting and losing farm.
  1. Affordable price – in terms of its capabilities, the gaming mouse is one of the cheapest upgrades. The price will depend on weight, wired or non-wired technology, the number of additional buttons and the presence of smart DPI. Smart DPI is a technology for adjusting the mouse on the swing of the hand to move the cursor, in simple words it is a smart adjustment of the cursor sensitivity depending on the requirements of the player. The technology is more useful for shooters, so if you play World of Warcraft more, don’t bother with this technology.
  1. Additional buttons – a great option that allows you to shift some of the popular keys from the keyboard to the mouse. This is convenient for several reasons – you will be able to play essentially one-handed, with the right setup – in a simplified, relaxed mode.
  1. Wired or wireless mouse – Gone are the days when wireless mice ran out of battery quickly and weighed a lot. Now there are many good models on the market at a good price. Please note that the wired solution has a slightly faster response and for shooters, this will be important. For MMO RPGs, you can take a wireless mouse.
Gaming Keyboard
Gaming devices: keyboard (Image credit Pexels)

Keyboard for gaming

The gaming keyboard is a good buy for those who like fast response and just love to enjoy the cool and bright coloring that goes on almost any modern keyboard.

Criterias of choice:

  1. Mechanical or membrane – the difference in the response speed of the keys and the sound they make. If you need faster, but the sound is similar to a typewriter, we take a mechanical one. The smoothness of the keys and silence in the work will give a membrane version of the keyboard.
  1. Wired or wireless – in my opinion, you can take such a bulky thing as a wireless keyboard if you work on it or like to play games or watch movies while lying on the bed. In other cases, a wired keyboard will be enough for most tasks, especially since a wireless one will cost significantly more than a wired gaming keyboard.

120hz monitor

The monitor is your perception of the game picture, and the number of hertz affects how smooth and smooth the animation and the perception of changes on the screen will be.

Matrix selection

It makes no sense to pay extra for an OLED screen on a limited budget – an IPS matrix will handle most gaming challenges just fine, and a 120Hz monitor will cost much less with an IPS screen than with an OLED.

Why exactly 120 Hz?

The animation and transition smoothness technology has its own jump after 120 Hz and does not have a significant difference for the human eye after 144 Hz, but it significantly outperforms monitors at 60 and 75 Hz in differences. Therefore, we choose between 120 and 144 Hz, but the latter have a higher cost.

You will especially notice the difference in PVP in MMO RPGs and in shooters, where success in the round or on the battlefield depends on the speed of aiming and reaction.

Headset 7.1

Headphones are the easiest to choose, but it is advisable to listen before buying, because the budget ones depend on the software that gives sound effects.

Virtual effect 7.1 – creates the atmosphere of 7 sound sources using the program. Not all brands have the best version of the program for free – read the reviews.

Real 7.1 – is expensive, but absolutely justifies its money. I advise you to save and update virtual 7.1 to the real one if possible.

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