What Makes A Lightsaber The Perfect Gift For A Star Wars Fan


Want to make Christmas a little more special for your Star Wars loving friend or significant other? Find out why lightsabers are a hit for Star Wars fans in this article.

Star Wars is a long-running property with millions of fans. Those who grew up remember it fondly. Despite being sci-fi fantasy, its various characters and stories teach valuable lessons. The lightsaber is Star Wars’ most famous symbol. Consider giving one to a Star Wars fan as a present.

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Picking a gift can be tricky, especially if you’re planning to give it to someone special. However, one way to make your search easier is to take a closer look at their personality. What are their likes? What about their dislikes? But considering how broad those questions are, only limit them to one category. Their favorite entertainment is a great example. 

Star Wars lightsabers for the whole family!
Star Wars lightsabers for the whole family!

If they’re a fan of one of the most well-known fictional franchises out there, which is Star Wars, that should be your clue. Created by George Lucas in the ’70s, it’s safe to say that it’s gathered quite the following through the years, given how rich its universe is. Until now, the Star Wars universe is still alive and thriving when they have baby Jabba the Hutt and the Mandalorian being a hit.

Why A Lightsaber Is The Best Gift Idea For A Star Wars Fanatic

Even if the entire human population isn’t familiar with Star Wars’ plot, its impact on pop culture is enough to make some aspects extremely iconic. One of those elements is the lightsaber. Despite its straightforward design, many Star Wars fans look forward to owning one. Some of them even go so far as to collect different lightsabers. Moreover, here are other reasons to gift one to your special Star Wars fan:

  1. Be The Life Of The Party

Lightsabers in the Star Wars universe are treated with high respect, considering they embody the Force. With this mystical power, lightsabers enable their users to slice through any material without sweating. Since there’s no such thing as ‘the Force’ or ‘mystical power’ in real life, manufactured lightsabers would be perfect for parties.

Because of their iconic blades, you can take them out once you’re at a rave or any Star Wars-themed party. Have fun as you swing it around and show off your lightsaber with the rest of the partygoers. As long as you’re careful where you’re aiming it, you’re bound to have the time of your life at the end of the party.

  1. Duelling Lightsaber Toys

Even though all you have is a lightsaber toy, there’s no denying the rush of power you must’ve felt when wielding it. To help you transform into a domineering villain, Galaxy Sabers have a Kylo Ren Lightsaber toy that lets you recreate your favorite scenes from the Star Wars movies with your friends. After all, as the first crossguard lightsaber in the franchise, its design makes it one of the most menacing yet iconic lightsabers, right next to Darth Maul’s dual-bladed lightsaber. 

Photo by: Galaxy Sabers | Lightsaber from Galaxy Sabers
Photo by: Galaxy Sabers | Lightsaber from Galaxy Sabers

On the opposite end are the Jedi Warriors, heroes who wield their lightsabers as fiercely as their morality. Be a vanguard of the Force by wielding Leia Organa’s signature lightsaber. Despite its much simpler design, its sleek, bright blue blade became a signature look for most lightsabers. With these lightsabers in hand, you can choose between being empowered by the Force as a Jedi or being ‘corrupted’ by the dark side and turning into a Sith.

  1. Has Attractive Technology

Despite their straightforward designs, lightsabers are some of the most fascinating pieces of technology, especially the collector’s editions. Manufacturers do their best to bring lightsabers to reality using all sorts of metal alloys (such as aluminum, titanium, and nickel). Moreover, given their quality, high-grade lightsabers are durable enough for dueling. Not only that but many lightsabers are fashioned after the ones used by Star Wars characters. Hence, this enables you to emulate your favorites even better.

  1. Personalize To Your Heart’s Content

Although they resemble designs from the Star Wars universe, manufacturers offer their consumers the freedom to customize their lightsabers however they wish. You can add a sound module to give it the signature hum that ‘real’ lightsabers have, change the color of the blade, and even create your own LED module for those who like to tinker with technology. However, manufacturers also offer a lightsaber dagger to play with if you prefer something smaller.

All colours to match your mood!
All colours to match your mood!

Aside from the technical side of customization, give your lightsaber a personality of its own by adding stickers all over its hilt. Or paint all over the blade to design it, letting the light show. Let your creativity shine through to make your lightsaber your own.

  1. Appeals To All Ages

Many generations have passed since the Star Wars movies hit the cinema. But be that as it may, there’s no sign of the Star Wars fanbase fading away. If anything, they only continue to grow. Children who used to look up to Leia and Han Solo have grown older. And as the franchise expands on its story, more kids get inspired by Star Wars’ diverse cast of awesome men and women. Hence, it’s safe to say Star Wars fans of all ages would enjoy wielding a lightsaber.


As one of the longest-standing franchises in the entertainment industry, Star Wars has gathered millions of fans. Even those who grew out of it still remember it with fond memories. Because despite its sci-fi fantasy genre, countless lessons can be learned from its diverse characters and their stories. And Star Wars’ most iconic symbol is the lightsaber. Therefore, if you know someone who’s a big fan of Star Wars, consider getting them one as a gift.

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