5 Most Popular Sports in Australia and New Zealand


There isn’t a single person who could tell you that they don’t love to watch or bet on a good game of rugby, football, or cricket, and if they are from either Australia or New Zealand the hype would be even greater. Both Australia and New Zealand can boast about having some of the most thrilling and enticing sports on the entire globe and it’s not only due to the type of the game nor the rules, it’s the excitement and sheer love. As more than 90% of residents of these two countries are utterly keen on sports, it’s hard to distinguish which sports are the most popular and well-known across the globe. If you have been wondering about the same question, here is a detailed guide that would help you out.

The rise of appreciation, popularity and love among sport’s enthusiasts

The list presented below is a clear distinction of the popularity of sports in both New Zealand and Australia, and this is based merely on the facts and proven statistics that have been analyzed over years of careful distinction. Hence, the reason behind the appreciation, popularity and love towards some of the most popular sports in New Zealand, for instance, is in the first place, the support from fans, and second the amazing sporting benefits that these games deliver. Nowadays, people love these sports even more as they can find amazing bonuses and use bet365 bonus code nz which is available for punters to their favor and win big. 

Cricket (NZ)

Cricket player scoring run on field
5 Most Popular Sports in Australia and New Zealand

Cricket is seen as the national summer sport in New Zealand, the second most lovable sport among the fans. Apart from the enticing rugby which is followed by an international league, cricket has its fair share of followers that are prepared to give their life to this sport. The domestic game of cricket is watched by keen fans regularly, and what’s more, there are traditional matches and prestigious finals and cups that deliver amazing games that fans are eager to watch and see who would break the next national record. 

Netball (NZ)

Ball in net, netball and sports outdoor with team, fitness and active lifestyle with athlete on cou
5 Most Popular Sports in Australia and New Zealand

Certainly one of the most popular women’s sports in New Zealand, Netball has an enormous public interest, and with a good reason. Reckoned to be one of the most flabbergasting and easy-to-watch sports, netball is also seen as a pivotal country’s sport that enlarges New Zealand’s sporting outlook to the rest of the world. With a plethora of national competitions, netball remains a well-respected and popular sport throughout.

Rugby (NZ)

Digital composite image of team of rugby players tackling each other to win the ball in sports stadi
5 Most Popular Sports in Australia and New Zealand

The rugby league in New Zealand is fierce, strong, and super steady. The complete rugby union has a powerful support’ code, plus the domestic league can brag about reaching the World Cup several times and even winning a few national tournaments while beating Australia on multiple occasions making the New Zealand rugby team a tremendously strong competitor in the long run. With gaining popularity across the world and their continual success, the rugby league in New Zealand remains the nation’s number one sport throughout.

Soccer (AUS)

Soccer or "Football" in Australia explained
5 Most Popular Sports in Australia and New Zealand

AKA Australian football or footy, but traditional soccer is extremely popular across Australia even though most people may find this peculiar since it’s played with an oval ball and slightly different rules. Despite the misbeliefs, soccer remains one of the most watched and cheered sports among Australians and they have their great footballers Mark Viduka and Harry Kewell to shine a light to this sport’s effectiveness down under. Furthermore, from March to September, soccer remains one of the most attended and anticipated sports among all Australian territories.

Swimming (AUS)

one swimmer athlete swim butterfly stroke
5 Most Popular Sports in Australia and New Zealand

Besides the popular Australian cricket and rugby, swimming has to be added to this list to do its immense popularity and achievements. Around 3,2 million Australians swim on a regular basis, and add the fact that a great deal of those swimmers are fantastic athletes – and you have a nation full of brilliant and Olympic medal winner swimmers. Swimming as a sport is equally vital as rugby, football, and cricket, and alongside the health benefits this sport brings, it’s yet to attract more participants as well as viewers.

There you have it – a complete guide on some of the most popular sports in Australia and New Zealand the reason behind their popularity. There are plenty of other sports worth mentioning but the above-mentioned ones are undoubtedly the best ones.

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