Are KallMeKris and Oompaville Dating?


Fans are captivated by the undeniable chemistry between Oompaville and KallMeKris, leading many to speculate that they might truly be boyfriend and girlfriend.

The YouTube sphere is always abuzz with collaborations, but every so often, a pair stands out, capturing the collective imagination of fans. The latest to do so are KallMeKris and Oompaville. Their recent video, “BLOWING STUFF UP w/ My Boyfriend Oompaville,” has fans everywhere speculating. Are they dating, or is it all just playful banter?

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KallMeKris, whose real name is Kristina Lee Halliwell Collins, hails from British Columbia, Canada. At 27, she’s a sensation not just on TikTok but has also carved a niche for herself on YouTube with her comedic skits. On the other side, we have Oompaville, or Caleb Hunter Phelps as he’s known off the screen. Born in Virginia, this 27-year-old moved to Frisco, Texas, to kickstart a candy business venture with his family. With over 4.7 million subscribers on YouTube, he’s known for his humorous takes on memes, Twitch clips, and more.

Together, their dynamic is electric, filled with humor, teasing, and undeniable chemistry. In their video, Oompaville playfully boasts, “I can run faster than her, so it’s no big deal. That’s all that matters.” KallMeKris, highlighting their cultural differences, counters, “You shot guns, mhm, which I’m a Canadian and that’s not something I do very often. I’ve only done it one other time when I was with you before.” Oompaville, showcasing his Texan pride, retorts, “That’s one of the reasons I moved to Texas. To shoot guns.”

KallMeKris and Oompaville Flirt
Are KallMeKris and Oompaville Dating?

But their playful exchanges don’t end there. KallMeKris, ever the tease, asks, “You have a cult? Cool. For real, what’s the name of it?” Oompaville, quick with his wit, replies, “My mom used to say that some people would make really good cult leaders, and I think you’d make a really good one.”

Their interactions are peppered with inside jokes and shared experiences. From discussing birthdays and holidays to poking fun at accents, their camaraderie shines through. KallMeKris comments, “You kind of look like you’d be on that show right now. Really? Yeah, I love that show.” Oompaville, always ready for a jest, responds, “I say Evan. Evan. Sorry, J. Evan. Water. Evan. He makes fun of my accent.”

Kris and Caleb
Are KallMeKris and Oompaville Dating?

Beyond the banter, their shared experiences, like shooting guns in Texas, highlight their close bond. KallMeKris, with palpable excitement, mentions, “Like this is probably going to be the most fun. Have never shot this before.” Oompaville, ever the protective friend, chimes in, “By the way, uh, safety glasses are very important, Kris.”

So, what’s the verdict? Is Oompaville really her boyfriend – are KallMeKris and Oompaville dating? While they’ve left fans in suspense, their chemistry is hard to ignore. Whether they’re just close friends or there’s a budding romance, one thing’s for sure: fans are on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting their next collaboration and hoping for more glimpses into their endearing dynamic.

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