JoyFreak is the best alternative to ResetEra after Angry Joe ban


JoyFreak, a fresh new gaming forum, is exploding in popularity as ResetEra is losing members after banning prominent industry figures.

What began as a small startup is quickly becoming the primary discussion forum for gamers around the world. JoyFreak has grown significantly in just a month.

NEWS: Angry Joe called a sexist/misogynist by Gamespot editor.

ResetEra is a popular gamer forum that was founded by former NeoGAF members after the ban of political discussions following the sexual harassment allegations that were levied against the site’s owner Tyler Malka.

It quickly grew to become one of the biggest gaming forums on the internet before it drastically changed into, what many now consider, a “regressive left cancel culture forum.”

ResetEra has been banning some of the most prominent name’s in the gaming industry for political reasons and, as a result, a lot of their members are following suit and our now looking for a new home.

JoyFreak was initially founded in 2007 and has been very active since then. However, do to the hard censorship and recent bans at ResetEra they have exponentially grown. They have amassed 2300 members already.

Angry Joe's girlfriend

Angry Joe and Skill Up banned from ResetEra for their The Last of Us Part II reviews.

“Our aim is to provide a forum for gamers and industry professionals alike to chat about video games of all kinds — and everything else. JoyFreak has been able to develop a highly engaged and enthusiastic community while keeping most trolls and troublemakers off of the site,” JoyFreak administrator expressed in a mission statement.

The statement continues: “Today JoyFreak continues to grow as an independent gaming forum on the internet. It is also an all-inclusive space where members of every gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation are enthusiastically accepted. Respect and dignity for one another is nonnegotiable irrespective of context.”

What sets JoyFreak apart from ResetEra is that, unlike the latter, the forum is more tolerant of different opinions and political ideologies which ultimately makes it more diverse than ResetEra aim and claim to be.

JoyFreak moderators encourage critical discussion on topic and don’t harass people.

Any critical discussion of The Last of Us Part II is not welcomed on the ResetEra forum, and any person who dares call out any of the game’s flaws is at risk of being called misogynist, sexist, or even transphobic.

Both Joe Vargas (The Angry Joe Show) and Australia’s own Ralph Panebianco (Skill Up) were permanently banned from ResetEra for not giving the The Last of Us Part II favourable reviews.

One quick peak at the JoyFreak thread discussing The Last of Us Part II reviews confirms that their moderators encourage people to speak their minds about the game without fear of being harassed for it. In the thread you’ll find people speaking very favourably about the game as well as people criticising the “bleak” story.

It’s no big surprise that ResetEra turned out to be a political activist site considering the history behinds its conception, but what’s the point of having a forum where you can’t discuss videogames? It may be known as the RainbowEra, but it is definitely not as inclusive and diverse as they say they are.

If you’re looking for a good place to discuss your favourite videogames and other pop culture topics then you should really check out JoyFreak. While you’re at it, follow my profile!

Do you think ResetEra was overreacting for banning Angry Joe and Skill Up? Let us know in the comments below.

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