Alinity unflattering nip slip video earns her only a 3 day ban off Twitch


Alinity Divine accidentally flashed one of her nipples during a Twitch livestream yet only received a ban after asking Twitch staff to punish her.

During Friday night’s broadcast the 32-year-old Twitch streamer shocked fans with an accidental nip slip. Alinity was clearly shocked but carried on with her stream as nothing had happened.

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Alinity didn’t respond the the nip slip controversy until the video clip of her exposed boob went viral. She announced that, irregardless of Twitch’s punishment, she would be ‘self banning’ herself for a total of 3 days.

After a lot of controversy and outrage from the community Twitch finally decided to issue Alinity a 24-hour band, which many considered an absolute joke.

Alinity exposed in tweet

Alinity Divine respoonds to wardrobe malfunction nip slip and asks for extended 3 day ban.

Alinity Divine reached out to Twitch after receiving her ban and asked them to extend it a maximum of 3 days and they obliged. People believe that this kind of infringement, accident or not, should receive a minimum of a 14 day ban.

Alinity had previously been caught violently tossing her cat behind her back during one of her Apex Legends livestreams and many of her viewers believed that she should have received a ban for animal cruelty. However, her actions went unpunished.

Although the nip slip was clearly an accident it is still a severe violation of Twitch’s Community Guidelines, especially considering that her streams are not age restricted.

VIDEO: Alinity exposes boobs accidentally revealing a nipple during livestream

Alinity’s ban ends on the 28th of March, 2020, and she will resume her regular streaming schedule on Twitch then.

Do you think a 3 day ban is fair for an accidental nip slip on Twitch? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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