Esports reporter Rod Breslau accused of sexual harassing Twitch streamer


Many tweets reveal that trusted Esports consultant and insider Rod “Slasher” Breslau used his position to to persuade girls into dating.

Rod “Slasher” Brelsau is taking a bit of heat online after several leaked direct messages allegedly exposed the Esports reporter of trying to manipulate women into dating him.

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The leaked messages reveal that Rod “Slasher” Breslau promised to give a small Twitch streamer a huge break if she set him up with Brittany Venti.

Brittany Venti is a popular, yet controversial, streamer who is known for her anti e-girl stance and conservative political views. She become popular on Twitch by playing the persona of a dainty and dumb gamer girl who would freak out whenever someone donated and said nasty things about her.

She was later permanently banned from Twitch for streams that were considered “too controversial” for the platform. She then moved to YouTube and quickly grew her fan base there, despite being unfairly targeted by YouTube moderators who would falsely strike her channel.

Rod "Slasher" Berslau

34-year-old Esports reporter, Rod “Shlasher” Breslau, accused of sexually harassing 21-year-old Twitch streamer, Brittany Venti.

Venti’s YouTube channel was on its death bed earlier this year after receiving two community guideline strikes: one for reading The Bible, and the other for reading YouTube’s Community Guidelines.

Rod “Slasher” Breslau has made it no secret that he opposes Venti’s political views; one of the things, according to the leaked messages, that he finds appealing about her.

“I have a hate-crush on her,” the 34-year-old Esports reporter told Jessix.

It’s okay, I’m used to people only talking to me to get to Brit

Jessix was a little disheartened by Rod Breslau’s message. She’s been grinding away on Twitch for 5 years trying to grow her fan base and is a little fed up with people only speaking to her to get to her close friend Brittany Venti.

Breslau offered to sweeten the deal for her if she set him up on a date with Venti. In addition to hooking her up with any Overwatch related stuff she wanted, he also offered her recreational job at Mayhem.

Breslau proceeded to direct message Venti and ask her on a date.

He wrote, “I watched you and seen your stances. This is a serious inquiry for a date, not a hookup. As someone who is diametrically opposed many of your beliefs, I thought it would be fun.

Twitch affiliate Jessix is good friends with Brittany Venti.

When he reached out to Venti and asked her out on a date, she responded, “sorry, I’m not available for dating.”

Although many disagree, Daniel “Keemstar” Keem, reporter at DramaAlert, accused Breslau of “sexual harassment.”

[mv_video key=”m0a5vqlfpxxnzklfrcof” title=”Dr. DisRespect ban was because of bad allegations implies Rod Breslau” thumbnail=”” volume=”70″ doNotOptimizePlacement=”false” doNotAutoplayNorOptimizePlacement=”false” ratio=”” jsonLd=true]

“When you’re a reporter and you’re making a moves on a girl and get rejected, You can’t go on to write negative stories about them because you got rejected thats sexual-harassment 101!” Keemstar tweeted.

Breslau smeared Venti one month later

After one month Breslau went back on his previous words and shared negative comments about the 21-year-old provocateur streamer.

Brittany Venti had created a stream that was thought to be too offensive according to Breslau. The stream was entitled, “If you’re sad and need somewhere to talk about Etikas death.”

By many, this appeared to be bitter resentment because of rejection as Breslau had previously praised her for her edgy and controversial streams.

YouTube banned Brittany Venti for reading a book on livestream

Brittany Venti smeared for “controversial” stream by former crush, Rod “Slasher” Breslau.

Rod “Slasher” Breslau has not made a public apology to Brittany Venti or Jessix as of yet. However, he did comment on his allegations during a livestream saying that the allegations against him “don’t even compare to the reason Dr. DisRespect got banned.”

Breslau’s comment implies that Guy “Dr. DisRespect” Beahm was, in fact, banned for sexual harassment allegations.

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