TwizzFizz roasts outraged Pokimane fans for calling people incels in video


Aussie comedian and YouTube personality Brooke “TwizzFizz” Willis roasts Pokimane “simps” in a hilarious Twitter video.

Pokimane just made her personal Twitter account private. Now many of her fans are outraged and are blaming “incels” for cyber-bullying and harassing her. TwizzFizz sums up the drama in a hilarious 4 minute video.

VIDEO: Aussie streamer attacked by magpie during livestream.

Imane “Pokimane” Anys used have the the reputation of Twitch’s little sweetheart but, after a string of controversies and drama, that is quickly changing.

Pokimane shocked both the Twitch and YouTube community when she made the decision to actively try to de-platform certain creators for merely criticising her content.

It seemingly started when the 24-year-old Canadian Twitch streamer filed false copyright takedown (also known as copystriking or copy striking) on Daniel Keemstar Keem, and Fainted back in 2019. She vehemently stood by her decision and stated that DramaAlert host was capitalising of her content unfairly.

Pokimane cosplay

Imane “Pokimane” Anys models in front of strategically placed mirror.

She didn’t issue an apology until YouTube’s largest content creator, Felix PewDiePie Kjellberg called her out in one of his videos. Unfortunately for Pokimane, a lot of the people felt the apology was a little too contrived and unauthentic. She later made her apology video private.

Skip ahead to current year and Imane “Pokimane” Anys is back in the spotlight for drama yet again. She ruffled a lot of feathers when she targeted a YouTube commentator called It’sAGundam for poking fun at her. She shamed and threatened his sponsors for working with him which resulted in him losing a tonne of money.

On July 24th YouTuber Diesel Patches uploaded a 15 minute video called “Why I Don’t Like Pokimane” summing up the Pokimane drama. In the video he also calls her a “schemer” and says that her content is “terrible” while alleging that she only gets away with it because she’s cute.

TwizzFizz and Keemstar

Australian YouTuber TwizzFizz met Keemstar when he visited.

Shortly after the video uploaded Pokimane made her personal Twitter account (@imane) private claiming it was due to the harassment she was receiving from the Diesel Patches and It’sAGundam fan bases.

In return, Pokimane’s fan responded calling anyone who had a problem with Pokimane, her opinions, and her content “incels,” “filthy neck beards,” and “misogynists.”

Brooke “TwizzFizz” Willis saw the perfect opportunity to make a hilarious and on point parody video of the situation.

VIDEO: TwizzFizz roasts Pokimane and her “simp” fan base.

In the video TwizzFizz plays one of her characters, which she swears is not supposed to be Tim Pool, who is raging that he can’t read Pokimane’s private Tweets anymore. It has a very “Leave Britney alone” cross The Blair Witch Project vibe to it. It’s a must watch.

The video has amassed 2600 views and 500 likes in less than 24 hours, which is spectacular for an up and coming YouTube content creator with 20,000 subscribers!

Pokimane has not yet made a public statement regarding her personal Twitter account and many suspect that she won’t.

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