Justine Paradise, Jake Paul accuser, did not tell friends about abuse


TikTok star turned OnlyFans model Justine Paradise levied abuse allegations against Jake Paul moments before his big fight. But she’s never mentioned the abuse before.

Aspiring OnlyFans model, Justine Paradise, went public with some damaging allegations that could end the career of the controversial YouTuber and celebrity boxer Jake Paul. But she can’t prove that she’s ever mentioned this before.

A week before Jake Paul‘s big fight with MMA UFC professional Ben Askren a 24-year-old TikTok influencer turned OnlyFans model posted a video on Twitter accusing former Team 10 founder Jake Paul of s*xual assault.

In the video, Paradise says she first met Paul through a mutual friend in back in June 2019. Approximately month and a half before the alleged assault, she says that she flirted with Paul through text messages. However, Justine Paradise claims that she got creepy vibes and felt uncomfortable around Jake Paul when they met in person.

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“He would ask me to come over, I would, and then when I was there, he wouldn’t talk to me,” she said, explaining that he often texted her while they were in the same room together. “I’m just assuming he always got what he wanted and never had to build social skills and, like, talking to people — girls basically just throw themselves at him, which is what I was seeing there.”

She continues to go into detail about one day when Jake Paul forced herself on her. According to Justine Paradise, one day Paul held her down while forcing himself inside her. Apparently Jake Paul lasted as long as his former rival Ben Askren in the ring, but in the bed.

Justine Paradise photo via Twitter

A lot of people have called Paradise out for being kind of inconsistent with her story, questioning why she would willingly hop in bed and kiss and fool around with him if she was uncomfortable and thought he was creepy.

“I thought it would be fine if I went into his bed, and I thought it would be fine if I kissed him because I thought he’d stop if I didn’t want to do anything else,” Justine Paradise reveals in the video.

After claiming that she denied many of his advances Justine Paradise alleges that Jake Paul responded by saying, “if this isn’t going anywhere, then what’s the point of this?”

Paradise said she wanted nothing more than to be “kissing friends” with Jake Paul and did not want to do the deed with him because she didn’t like him in that way. But that didn’t stop him, she said.

Jake Paul shushing fans

Jake Paul didn’t skip a beat and immediately responded to the allegations calling them preposterous and 100% false. He continued to accuse Justine Paradise of trying to cash in on the buzz around his fight and promoting her OnlyFans account. Paul also announced that he going to taking legal action against Paradise and “fighting this to the end.”

According to a former friend of Justine Paradise this is the first time any of her friends have heard about this. Two years ago when the assault allegedly took place up until today she’s never mentioned this to any of her friends.

“I don’t doubt that this happened but I believe she’s making a big deal out of something that was probably consensual to get some recognition. I’m not a fan of Jake Paul, but why bring this up a week before his fight?,” her friend said, insinuating that she might be lying about not consenting to the activities.

We reached out to Justine Paradise to see if she would be willing to send us dated screenshots that prove that she’s ever mentioned the assault to any of her friends of family members. She left us on read and did not follow up with our request.

Unfortunately for Paradise the burden of proof is on her. It is not up for Jake Paul to prove his innocence but for her to back up her extremely serious allegations with evidence. If she cannot provide credible proof that the events she mentioned in the video did take place she is liable for the damages caused to Paul’s career and business by her defamation.

We invite Justine Paradise to reach out to us with further proof if she changes her mind in the future and will update this article respectively.

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