Jake Paul beat Ben Askren with controversial knockout in under 1 minute


Jake Paul knocked out pro MMA UFC fighter in less than a minute in Fight Club but fans believe the referee call the game too soon.

Problem Child Jake Paul is now 3 for 3 with three consecutive knockout victories in boxing after knocking out 36-year-old professional MMA fighter Ben Askren, but some people think the fight was rigged.

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Jake “The Problem Child” Paul, 24, fell to his knees in tears after an incredible knockout victory against MMA professional Ben Askren. The fight lasted less than a minute as Askren was knocked out in 59 second. However, many people believe the referee called the game way to soon considering Askren got back on his feet after just 7 seconds.

“This is why people don’t watch this ridiculous sport anymore, it’s rigged. Ref called it way to soon,” an angry viewer commented during the live feed.

Unfortunately for Ben Askren the referee stopped the fight because Ben Askren was stumbling about after being knocked out in the first minute. Viewers wanted to see the fight go on because it seemed like Askren was making a recovery after the knockout.

Ben Askren stormed off.

Ben Askren, understandably, stormed off in anger with his wife after the fight and refused to comment or give an interview of the fight. The cameras showed him immediately get out off the ring and head for the exit not even giving the referee the chance to announce the winner.

Jake Paul Ben Askren

Ben Askren has never been knocked out in his career as a professional fighter and he has fought some top ranking MMA fighters before. The commentators were extremely shocked and impressed at the result considering that Askren has years of experience behind him and has taken major beatings from top tier athletes.

Jake Paul predicted a first or second round knockout victory during the weigh-in and slammed Ben Askren for not taking training camp seriously and having a “beer gut.” Paul also seemed a whole lot more confident with his prediction considering that Askren predicted a 7th round TKO victory.

Previously Jake Paul almost killed professional top tier athlete Nate Robinson in November, 2020, after knocking him out 3 times in two rounds.

Jake Paul v KSI next?

The fight that everbody wants to see know is Jake Paul vs fellow 27-year-old YouTube superstar Olajide Olayinka Williams, better known as KSI. The KSI v Logan Paul fight was ultimately what started of the influencer boxing scene in 2018.

KSI got the victory over Jake’s older brother at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. KSI took the split decision as two of the three judges scored the fight in his favour. One judge scored it 56-55 and another 57-54. A third judge saw it in Paul’s favour 56-55.

Sadly it seems that KSI may be backing out off the fight with The Problem Child in fear as he keeps coming with excuses for why he cannot train at the moment.

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