Kids are getting surgery to look like anime characters and BTS members


K-pop and weeb super fandom has reached a new level of cringe as teenagers are now having surgeries done to look more like their fave Asian.

Kids and teenagers with rich parents, too much time on their hands, and not enough brains are willing to have surgeries just to look like their favourite anime characters or K-pop stars.

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Oli London, 29, became a bit of an internet celebrity when he spent close to a quarter million dollars on having work done to look like Jimin from popular boy band K-pop group BTS.

Oli London admittedly had a celebrity crush on the K-pop star and wanted to feel closer to him by trying to look exactly like him. But his quest for perfection became his addiction and Oli spent 5 years — and counting — going under the surgeons knife trying to look like Jimin.

Now this is becoming common place among diehard anime and BTS fans with rich parents.

In 2014 a 24-year-old Brazilian male named Max, underwent 10 procedures to give himself eyelids reminiscent to Asian ethnicity, and make his eyes appear smaller.

PICTURES: Brazilian guy has surgery to look more Anime

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  • Brazilian boy anime surgery

He later changed his name from Max to Xiahn Nishi and discussed his new identity on the news.

“It was the first time this procedure was done,” Nishi said in a fake Asian accent in the interview from his home in New Hamberg, south of Brazil.

“I think I look handsomer like this. Maybe some people think it’s not but I think it is.”

Now more, and more, people going to get these kinds of surgeries done just so they can look more like their favourite anime characters or BTS members.

BTS and Anime surgery on the rise. People want to look more Asian (source unknown).

Some people are even posting their results and boasting it about it online. The picture below appears to be of a person, no older than 18, who had the surgery done to look more Asian.

Unknown person has surgery to look like anime character or BTS member (source unknown).

The image was originally posted on Instagram before it was shared on Twitter and became viral.

The big question is, is this racist? Some Asian women undergo surgery to look more western, but not to this extreme. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below

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