PewDiePie gets emotional watching Bad History “Turn On The Camera”


PewDiePie held back tears as he watched Bad History’s “Turn On The Camera” during his livestream, and the fan reaction is adorable.

Any YouTuber that says that they were not, in the least, inspired by PewDiePie is clearly lying. The Swedish content creator has come a long way since he first turned on the camera.

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Bad History uploaded a animated music video honouring YouTube’s biggest, and most popular, content creator PewDiePie. The video highlights some of the most important moments in his life starting from when he first turned on his camera and played Amnesia and Minecraft.

PewDiePie was amazed by the level of quality on the animated music music video and was shocked to see just how accurate the render was of the kitchen where he first uploaded from.

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“Woah, that looks exactly like the kitchen… what the!” PewDiePie shouted to the opening frames of the animated music video.

PewDiePie first kitchen
PewDiePies treaming from his tiny kitchen in a studio apartment in Sweden circa 2010.

As the video continues it goes through some of the most important moments of PewDiePie’s life from his early cringe days all the way up to the day he married the love of his life, Marzia.

Never small again.

Panic can be seen on PewDiePie‘s face when the “Turn On The Camera” gets to the life changing and traumatic moment his in his life where he accidentally said a naughty word while streaming. The consequences for his actions were dire. The mainstream media crucified him and as a result he lost his Disney sponsorship and his hit YouTube series Scare PewDiePie got cancelled.

Fortunately Bad History approached the most trying moment in Felix Kjellberg’s life with a lot of tact and didn’t rub it in his face.

Towards the end of the video the 31-year-old was clearly holding back tears after reliving through his incredible journey through a masterfully produced animated music video.

I feel I am in love.

“It’s perfect. Absolutely perfect,” An emotional and chocked-up PewDiePie concluded after watching the entire animated music video.

Felix and Marzia wedding
Felix and Marzia host a beautiful wedding August 19, 2019.

Fans were equally moved by PewDiePie’s reaction to “Turn On The Camera”, with most people agreeing it is one of the most heartfelt and authentic reactions they’ve ever seen.

“This is the first time I seen PewDiePie get truly emotional. And I’ve been watching this guy from the start,” a fan said in a comment to his reaction video.

PewDiePie “floor gang” period perfectly recrated in the Bad History “Turn On The Camera” animated music video.

“I cried with him too because I have been a fan of his Amnesia gameplays up to now,” another added.

The top comment on the video has over 7,000 likes and it seems to ring true for the majority of PewDiePie’s fans.

The comment reads: “I don’t think Felix has ever realized fully the effect he’s really had on so many people.”

PewDiePie has been uploading content to YouTube for the past 10 years. He now has over 108 million subscribers and is the most loved content creator on the platform. He has no plans on stopping any time soon.

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