Pokimane is losing Twitch subs because of the boyfriend drama


“She’s scamming us!” People are unsubscribing from Pokimane’s Twitch because of her reluctance to reveal more information about her boyfriend.

Leafy dropped a nuke on Imane “Pokimane” Anys when he revealed that she was hiding the fact that she had a boyfriend from her loyal fans in his latest video. Many fans feel “cheated” and are unsubbing from her Twitch channel.

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Pokimane has been wrapped in controversy ever since she became one of the most popular Twitch streamers. She has received fair criticism for the way she’s handled certain situations in the past, but now it’s all about her personal life.

The 24-year-old Moroccan-Canadian Twitch streamer recently responded to claims that “nobody watches her for her personality or game-play” by doing an entire 6-hour livestream with her camera turned off.

“Just averaged 11k+ viewers with no cam, late at night, and with a 10s delay,” Pokimane shared on Twitter.

Now, amidst the talk that the vast majority of are lonely men and boys who treat Pokimane like their ‘cyber-girlfriend’, comes yet another bombshell dropped by the notorious YouTube commentator Leafy (LeafyIsHere).

Pokimane has a boyfriend, but it’s none of your business.

Citing very little evidence, the controversial YouTuber known as Leafy claimed to know, for a fact, that Pokimane has a boyfriend and that she’s been keeping it a secret for business reasons.

Pokimane cosplay

Pokimane fan base is largely men and reportedly loses Twitch subs after boyfriend drama controversy.

“If you ever happen to come across one of her big time fans on your way to the grocery store or whatnot, be sure to remind them that she has a boyfriend, because I think that they would really love to hear that little piece of information,” Leafy said in his YouTube video entitled Content Nuke: Pokimane.”

The video quickly became a target by Pokimane loyalist fans — or rather ‘simps’ as many put it — as her fans mass flagged the video which caused it be temporarily age restricted.

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Internet sleuths have been working overtime to reveal the identity of Pokimane’s boyfriend to no avail. There have been many speculations but nothing has been confirmed. Pokimane, herself, even joined in on the fun and Tweeted a picture teasing her fans.

Not everybody is laughing along with Pokimane, though. Some feel that her Tweet is divisive, while those who don’t care about politics are upset because they feel “cheated.”

One cheated fan wrote: “Pokimane says she’s genuine and that she’s not trying to exploit men for their money, but she hid the fact that she has a boyfriend? How genuine!”

Her channel took a massive hit after Leafy dropped the boyfriend bombshell. Pokimane lost a tonne of viewers and subscribers as her daily averages plummeted to an all time low.

Pokimane loses subs and viewers after boyfriend drama, Social Blade shows.

As per Social Blade, Imane’s [Pokimane] channel only received 300 followers and 1000 video views after the boyfriend drama; that’s roughly a 99% decrease of her daily average.

Correction: The data was gathered AEST which means it would not have accurately reflected her subscriber growth for the day.

Other’s have said that they will be cancelling, or at least downgrading, their subscriptions because they feel “cheated and lied to” by Pokimane because of the boyfriend drama and controversy.

UPDATE: Pokimane banned word list leaked. Includes boyfriend and leafy.

Twitch Interactive, Inc. don’t publicly share the subscription data of their partners so there is no way of verifying this information. But according the statistics revealed by Social Blade and testimonies many by her fans, it is safe to assume that’s she lost a fair bit of money.

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