The reason Leafy lost his YouTube is because of Pokimane and politics


Calvin Lee Vail is a YouTuber known as Leafy who grew massively in popularity around 2016 for calling out idiocy on the platform. Today, however, that is considered harassment and Leafy is now permanently banned from YouTube.

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It all started with Ethan Klein, a once loved but now divisive YouTuber, mocking Leafy on his H3H3 podcast. “I’d love to see Leafy survive on YouTube today in social climate,” Ethan said, insinuating that he didn’t stand a chance on the platform in 2020.

Calvin Lee Vail, 25, took an indefinite break from YouTube after he, himself, was a victim of a bombardment of harassment from Ian Carter — better known as iDubbbz — and his loyalist fans after he dropped a “Content Cop” video that not only criticised his content but also his looks.

Ethan Klein of H3H3productions calls Keemstar a pedo and his fans incels

Ethan Klein (H3H3) and Ian Carter (iDubbbz) harassed Calvin Lee Vail (Leafy or LeafyIsHere) off YouTube.

Understandably Leafy (LeafyIsHere) had had enough of people making jokes on his appearance and he took a long break from creating content for YouTube.

During his absence he continued to receive harsh criticism, bordering on harassment, from other big YouTubers yet in spite of this he still returned to YouTube, and his content — although edgy — had matured a lot.

Leafy had turned a new leaf (no pun intended). His content, while still critical of other online personalities, was focused on their actions and choices. Even though some of the criticism was harsh, he delivered in a ‘happy-go-lucky’ manner.

Sadly, several staff members at YouTube didn’t care for the change and ultimately they cancelled him.

But it is paramount to understand that it wasn’t Leafy’s content that was considered problematic. Anyone who watches his content knows that there is no way it could be considered “harassment,” so why exactly was he banned?

Pokimane cosplay
Pokimane goes on break after Leafy (LeafyIsHere) reveals she has a boyfriend, gets banned two weeks later because of politics.

YouTube doesn’t have a problem with his content, they have a problem with him. Why? Because he has challenged progressive content creators and live streamers.

The fan bases of the individuals he has made content on are key players in cancel culture; Leafy knows this. Every single time he has made a video on either H3H3 or Pokimane, he has found his video demonetised, age restricted, and on occasion even received a strike.

YouTube know that Leafy hasn’t violated their terms of service, and that’s why they removed any previous strikes he’s received. Still, they don’t like him, and now that they’ve got rid of him, they are probably celebrating.

As much as YouTube hates to admit it, they are the platform for most moderate centrist and right leaning content creators. Even though Leafy may not be a conservative right-winger, he’s definitely not a liberal.

Twitch, on the other hand, is a platform for far-left individuals. Their biggest partners are liberals, and they are very vocal about it… even Pokimane.

Hasan Piker and Pokimane dating
Hasan Piker, sporting a cap with communist star, and Pokimane flirt at TwitchCon are now rumoured to be dating. No aligned with Leafy and his politics.

Hasan Piker and Destiny are just among the few far left leaning Twitch streamers, and they are very close friends with Pokimane. It is even rumoured that Hasan Piker, who supported communist views on his streams, is dating Pokimane.

These streamers have some pull, both on social media and in politics, and there is no doubt that they would have used this to try and de-platform Leafy.

Many Twitch streamers have expressed their satisfaction after seeing Leafy lose his channel. Many claim it’s karma for “harassing” Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys; further proving that her fan base are willing to go to war to defend her.

So, after getting on the wrong side of big Twitch streamers and arguably one of the most popular YouTubers who also happens to be good friends with YouTube’s CEO, Leafy only really needed to do, or rather say, one thing to get him permanently banned off a platform that is so obviously against any conservative views. What did he do exactly?

Leafy has a lot of influence on Twitter and YouTube. He’s been behind several trending hashtags and videos. With close to half a million Twitter followers and — until recently — several million YouTube subscribers, he definitely has enough influence to have some people worried; especially so close to the election.

We’ve seen tech giants remove many non-confirming memers in one foul swoop ahead of the election. And that’s probably the reason why YouTube banned Leafy… after all, he had enough influence to turn Pokimane’s sweetheart image on its head and forcing her to go on a month long haitus.

Leafy is making a comeback after iDubbbz video, Keemstar confirms
Calvin Lee Vail aka Leafy (LeafyIsHere) returns in 2020 but gets banned for politics and a few months after criticising Pokimane and H3H3.

YouTube news reporter John Scarce tweeted his concerns about the ban, saying: “Even if you weren’t a fan of his videos, Leafy’s termination is very, very, concerning. Leafy being terminated now means any of us could be next.”

He’s absolutely right. YouTube has not responded to the ban, and as far as we’re aware he has not received any email from YouTube regarding this. Other YouTubers should be very concerned, especially Keemstar; considering his views.

It’s likely that YouTube will treat this case like Twitch treated the Dr DisRespect ban; not give a clear reason except for claiming that he violated their Terms of Service which, I might add, are really vague.

Even though it unlikely, hopefully Leafy will get his channel back. Until then you can buy some of his merch to support him.

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