Twitch Partnership manager defends YourPrincess for false allegations


Twitch partner Jayden “YourPrincess” Diaz was exposed making false sexual harassment allegations against her Twitch Rival CLG Tuesday. Faces minimal punishment and has the support of Twitch staff.

Jayden “YourPrincess” Diaz levied false sexual harassment allegations against Jean “Tuesday” Sebastian earlier this year in an attempt to end the streamers career. After CLG Tuesday responded it was clear that YourPrincess had fabricated evidence against him.

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YourPrincess, formerly GenG Jayden, has been accused of exploiting the #MeToo movement for likes and retweets when she claimed that she was sexually harassed by CLG Tuesday. However, it turns out that nothing happened between them and YourPrincess just felt unsafe and uncomfortable around him. People felt that she did not need to publish a 708 word Twitlonger about the ordeal.

The supposed incident happened back in 2019 in Detroit, Michigan, USA. YourPrincess claims that these events have been weighing on her ever since and she finally found the strength to speak her truth.

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The original Twitlonger reads: “Tuesday and I alone in the hotel. I asked him if the hotel had any makeup wipes because I had glow paint and makeup on my face for hours. I followed him into the bathroom and as I was wiping off the makeup he put his arms around me and this is when I began to become uncomfortable. I didn’t know what to say because we were just friends and I knew he had a girlfriend. A few moments later I moved back from the bathroom into the main living room of the hotel, this is where Tuesday picked me up and put me on his lap.”

Jayden Diaz false allegations against Tuesday
YourPrincess (GenG Jayden) backpaddles after Tuesday responds. Says that it was her “perspective” and that she felt “uncomfortable”.

She said that she didn’t “make a move” or flirt with Jean “Tuesday” Sebastian because she knew he had a girlfriend, and immediately ordered a ride back to her hotel.

Her allegations are verifiably false.

Many witnesses have come forward since that night alleging that YourPrincess was trying to get Tuesday to cheat on his girlfriend, and that it was like a game to her.

Tuesday immediately fired back at the false allegations. Tuesday had receipts proving that YourPrincess had lied about events that took place that night. He also admitted that the two of them were more than just platonic friends for years and they had exchanged flirty messages even admitting that she has a crush on him.

Direct Twitter message show that YourPrincess sent several sexually suggestive and flirty messages to Tuesday calling him ‘cute’ and bugging him about having a girlfriend.

Jean "Tuesday" Sebastian allegations
CLG clan member Tuesday exposed YourPrincess (GenG Jayden) for deliberately lying about the events that happened in Detroit, shows receipts and leaked DMs and debunks allegations.

Tuesday shared his version of what happened that night: “As far as how the actual afterparty went, nothing crazy happened, we were both drinking and hanging out with friends. During that night, her close friend came up to me and without remembering word for word, she told me that Jayden was pretty into me and tried to give me the ‘ok’ for flirting back with her.”

GenG Jayden tried to get Tuesday to cheat.

“The afterparty was coming to an end, and me and 4 other guys were planning on finishing the night at my place watching a movie and hanging out. Jayden then asked if she could come with me, never mentioning that she couldn’t go back to her own place (she only mentioned this to me months later so no one else with us knew about this reason at the time).  I didn’t expect that and it felt a little weird but accepted nonetheless. When we got to the hotel, the group decided to move the bed from the bedroom to the living room.”

His statement is backed up by many screenshots, one from a witness that night that saw YourPrincess immediately get up and follow Tuesday in to the bathroom, completely debunking her allegations.

Witnesses claim YourPrincess (GenG Jayden) was playing a game with Tuesday, seeing if he could get her to cheat on his girlfriend, making her the real offender.

“After talking to the other guys who were still there at that point, neither of them agree with her story of me grabbing her and putting her on my lap “moments” after she came out of the bathroom after me. So yet again, the timeline is not consistent with the other 2 individuals who were there and also myself,” Tuesday added, debunking yet another one of her points.

Multiple witnesses backup Tuesday’s claims that YourPrincess was obsessed with him and stalked him.

It really looks like Jayden “YourPrincess” Diaz was the one who was sexually harassing Jean “Tuesday” Sebastian, especially after reviewing the evidence. However, Tuesday insists that he “was no angel” in the situation either, but still believes that she had ulterior motives to come out with her statement. Jealousy? Who knows.

Sexual harassment/assault allegations are taken very seriously by Twitch staff. In 2020 many prominent Twitch partners were banned off the platform after allegations were made against them, even if there wasn’t even proof. These kinds of allegations can also be very devastating to one’s mental health.

Last year professional World of Warcraft player and Twitch partner Byron “Reckful” Bernstein took his own life after after a smaller Twitch streamer called Indiefoxx published a Twitlonger accusing him of sexual assault. Like YourPrincess’s allegations, the allegations Indiefoxx levied against Reckful were also false or, as she put it “a simply misunderstanding” and she deleted it post the day the news broke.

Twitch staff show support for Jayden.

Although the punishment or aftermath is severe for being accused of sexual assault, the same rule does not apply to girls who have been proven to lie about them.

Shane Kari, Twitch Partnership Manager, shows support for YourPrincess despite having made false sexual harassment allegations.

Neither YourPrincess or Indiefoxx received any punishment from Twitch for lying about sexual assault/harassment. On the contrary, Shane Kali, Twitch Partnership Manager, has expressed his condolences for YourPrincess.

Shane Kali, Twitch Partnership Manager, stopped by YourPrincess’s brief Twitch stream where she addressed her departure from Twitch Rivals. Instead of handing out a suspension or a ban for deliberately lying about being harassed by Tuesday, forcing him to reveal very personal information himself, Shane Kali expressed her support for YourPrincess (GenG Jayden) in chat writing, “I’m sorry you had to go through all of this.”

Both YourPrincess and Indiefoxx have not received suspensions for their actions and remain active streaming partners on Twitch to this day.

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