Jack Doherty’s Security Punched Corinna Kopf’s Lawyer Friend


Corinna Kopf loses it after her lawyer friend gets punched by Jack Doherty’s security at David Dobrik’s Halloween Party.

A glittering Halloween bash hosted by the famed YouTuber David Dobrik was the epicenter of a fiery encounter between social media personalities Corinna Kopf and Jack Doherty. The soirée, attended by notable internet celebrities, witnessed an unanticipated incident when Doherty’s bodyguard, Kane Kongg, landed a punch on one of Kopf’s friends amidst a heated conversation between Kopf and Doherty​​.

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Corinna Kopf, with a robust presence on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, has been a familiar face in the digital domain, especially known for her association with David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad. Her candid interactions and engaging content have earned her a loyal following over the years​​.

On the flip side, Jack Doherty, a young YouTuber known for his lively pranks and sporty antics, has carved a niche for himself in the YouTube community. His engaging and humorous content has garnered a growing audience, making him a recognized name among young creators​.

Kopf and Dobrik
Jack Doherty’s Security Punched Corinna Kopf’s Lawyer Friend at David Dobrik’s Halloween Party

The incident in question unfolded when a casual conversation between Kopf and Doherty spiraled into a vehement argument. Reports suggest the discord was ignited by an alleged insult from Doherty towards Kopf. The situation escalated when Kopf’s friends confronted Doherty, leading to Kongg’s intervention, who in a moment of heated exchange, punched one of Kopf’s friends, reportedly a lawyer​​.

The unfolding drama was live-streamed on Kick, capturing Kopf’s vehement disapproval of the violent act. Kopf was heard exclaiming, “What the f*** is wrong with you? Are you f****** crazy!?” The altercation was later acknowledged by both Kopf and Doherty on Twitter, with Kopf condemning the act and Doherty sharing the clip with a light-hearted caption​.

Jack Doherty’s Security Punched Corinna Kopf’s Lawyer Friend at David Dobrik’s Halloween Party

Online reactions were a mixed bag, with some rallying behind Kopf and others brushing it off as an unfortunate consequence of a heated moment. The incident sparked a wave of online discourse regarding the role and conduct of personal security personnel. Kongg, at the center of the storm, has yet to publicly comment on the incident, while criticisms continue to pour in from netizens, emphasizing that a bodyguard’s role is to protect, not to assault.

The ripple effects of the clash reverberate through the social media landscape, as the digital community continues to dissect and discuss the Halloween night incident. The altercation, now etched into the annals of social media confrontations, has left a mark on the relations between the involved parties, with the virtual chatter showing no sign of abating.

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