Alita is our favourite Disney Princess, but probably won’t be ever coronated


With the acquisition of 20th Century Fo,x Disney can do what they like with Alita: Battle Angel, but they most likely won’t welcome her to their family friendly streaming service.

Many of us are eagerly waiting the second that Alita: Battle Angel becomes available on a subscription based movie streaming service because we need to give our poor Blu-ray players a rest from having the movie on repeat.

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People have been speculating that Alita: Battle Angel will be streamable on the Disney+ (Disney Plus) family friendly platform, but that almost certainly isn’t the case.

Disney+ seems like the perfect home for Alita, and although it packs the same age rating as Avengers: Endgame, it most likely won’t be released on the platform.

Alita is no more violent than Star Wars and Avengers

The Australian Classification Board rated Alita: Battle Angel M15+ for blood, violence and themes, the same rating that Avengers: Endgame was given. Alita is also on par, if not a little less violent, than both franchises.

Most Marvel movies, not excluding the Avengers, are filled with pretty intense adult themes and are chockablock with violent fighting scenes. In the last Avengers movie alone we got to see half the world, along with our favourite heroes, literally dusted.

Rosa Salzarar as Alita princess

James Cameron, Rosa Salazar and Battle Angel director Robert Rodriguez.

The Star Wars series has a infanticide scene and both Luke and Anakin Skywalker get brutally disfigured. Oh, and let’s not forget the whole incestuous relationship between Luke and Leia.

In spite of their themes and violence these two film franchises have earned their spot on Disney’s family friendly streaming service because of their popularity.

Alita and Disney are the perfect match

Alita fits the mould for a Disney princess and, in my eyes, will always be one. She is a strong female lead and the perfect role model for young girls. She is honest and honourable, driven by her passions, and loyal to a fault.

Alita literally rose from the slums to become the people’s hero. Heck, she even saved a puppy dog! Alita is definitely our favourite Disney princess!

There’s no better home for our Alita than Disney+ (Disney Plus) and we really hope she finds her way there, but unfortunately we don’t believe she’ll be excepted there.

Alita, and her fans, were burned at the stake

Alita’s name has been wrongfully tarnished and it had everything to do with timing. Alita released around the same time as Captain Marvel and despite the press’s constant praise of the latter, Alita was the movie the fans loved.

But it was problematic

Any opinion that contradicted the mainstreams views was dismissed as trolling, fans were accused of being bots — RUSSIAN NAZI BOTS for Christ’s shake — you can’t make this stuff up.

Alita Battle Angel Better Human than Brie Larson Captain Marvel Meme | Sausage Roll

Alita herself was considered problematic because because, as the press said, she normalised heteronormative culture and wasn’t nearly diverse enough. In other words, how dare she fall in love with a boy.

The constant negative press resulted in Disney in distancing themselves from the movie.

Do not standby in the presence of evil

If, like me, you’re an Alita stan then let your voice be heard.

The opinion of the mainstream press, and the credibility of their reporters, has diminished in the last century. The most popular entertainment websites today serve as nothing more as paid publicity for publishers and, when funds are running low, they generate revenue by rage bating.

Their opinion — all press opinions, even ours — means squat.

It’s always the fans who get the last say because, ultimately, it is their voices that count the most. They are the ones willing to fork over hundreds to support their favourite… and let’s just call her what she truly is… Disney princess.

Whether or not she is born into it, at the end of the first film Alita truly became the people’s princess (our favourite Disney princess), not standing by in the presence of evil and fighting injustice at the door step of the corrupt elite!

So, yeah, fight the good fight. Here are 5 things you need to do to ensure that Alita will get a sequel.

Whether you are a member of the Alita Army or a lone mercenary, let your voices be heard and let’s explode the comment section below!

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